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Forums being taken down?

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Forums being taken down?
So I heard that the forums may be getting taken down? That'd be a real shame if so as there's some absolute gems in there of stuff people have produced, explainers etc which really helped me get my head around things. Fwiw archived rather than dropped would be my tuppence ask, though obv I don't know much about the background so if it's not possible I guess them's the breaks.
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The plan is to keep an
The plan is to keep an archive version of the forums available so they'll still be readable. We'll just be turning off posting access. I don't have a firm date on when we'll make that switch but there will be plenty of leadup to allow for posters to exchange contact information so they don't lose contact.
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I heard that too. I'm waiting
I heard that too. I'm waiting for the devs to make an official announcement. I figure that would be the best place to make my case. I would be pretty disappointed if the forums go down. I prefer the forums over discord.
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Is there an official discord?
Is there an official discord? I would hate to lose access to the EP community.
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They have a discord channel
They have a discord channel that they plan to make the official channel. I'll let them tell you the details when they make their announcement.
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Discord is the absolute worst
Discord is the absolute worst when it comes to building community as the root of this community. Good luck finding anything in the constantly flowing up chat log and lack of indexing capabilities from search engines and etc. It should be supporting tool, but proper webpage and forums are a must. Even "official" facebook groups and other social medias are addendum, not replacement. I hope devs reconsider.
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Me Too
I hope they reconsider as well, discard is good for real timeish communication. But with in-depth transmission of ideas we need to slow down read and re-read then respond. All the other media is fine for what they do. You can't replace the simple beauty of this forum.
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As much as I like Discord, we
As much as I like Discord, we need somewhere to talk about topics that people can search for online. This isn't exactly a system that you can just get answers about by asking around on the rest of the internet.
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Jeez. This is taking a while
Jeez. This is taking a while to happen. Me thinks the reason why the forums have been relatively inactive lately is because there hasn't been a major book released for a while now. What about the second edition core rulebook you ask? Well, we were beta testing that about 2 years ago. So its not exactly new content.