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EP Book Previews

Rimward Opening Fiction Preview: KILL WARD-9 [2012 April Fool's Post]

octomorphThe ceiling above the Meathab spaceport was the color of hamburger torn from some dead cattle -- but it was very much alive. Diminutive lizard things crawled over it, sloughing away the parts that were really dead. In the fleshy red-lit space below, arrivals from the most recent shuttle, Octojean Veinous among them, queued for orientation.

Veinous expected he'd be tiring of red lighting quickly, but worse was the feeling of being in something's belly, alive, consumed. His chromatophores kept veering off toward red, and his tentacles pressed in toward his body, unwilling to expose themselves. There was no place to hide here.

Lookie Here

Received a package today with my advance copy of the EP Gamemaster Pack. While the rest are still on the boat from overseas, I thought I'd share the experience with those of you waiting to get your hands on the physical thing. Here's the still-sealed nice and hefty package (the cardboard is a very sturdy stock):

And here's what it looks like opened, with the screen set up:

Character Preview: Mercurial Scavenger

"Maybe it's the kind of trap that would catch a knuckle-dragging monkey, but my superior physiology was able to easily squeeze out of it." 
Who's got eight arms, demolitions training, and an ink sac full of anger for the hairless apes that wrecked his ancestral world?  This guy.  

We bring you the first sample character preview for Eclipse Phase.  You can view the sheet as a downloadable .jpg by clicking the link below.

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