Things that Warped Us as Children

So, Eclipse Phase is kind of a weird game. Explaining it to people unfamiliar with the game commonly provokes one of two reactions:

1) The person's eyes light up with excitement, and they say something like, "Wow, cool!" Then they start asking questions about the world, the mechanics, or whatever weird train of thought hearing about it inspired.

2) The person cocks their head, gets a funny look on their face, and says, "That's, uh, pretty effin' weird. Where did you get the idea for this?"

Well, people who have reaction number two, I'm weary of blaming my favorite sci-fi writers for our game's complex setting and unsettling themes. While they deserve a lot of credit, I decided to dig a bit deeper. So, for your amusement, I've questioned my fellow Eclipse Phase creators to produce this list of things that warped our little minds at an impressionable age, causing us to grow up to be writers, scientists, computer programmers, activists, and *gasp* game designers.

Jack Graham bio

Real Name: Jack Graham
Firewall Codename:
Jake Carter
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency:
Terraforming Line Tech/Barsoomian Technosocialist
Previous Experience:
indie sci-fi writer/publisher, co-author of 'Empyrean' (forthcoming far future posthuman SF RPG)

About Me: I hate writing bios. I'd much rather be doing something I enjoy: biking through Boston traffic without getting doored, hiking, writing a story about a robot country singer, pwning your punk ass at strategy games, thrashing around to loud music, or maybe building a 12 meter tall wooden firefly and then burning it whilst people dance 'round it. I'm from Chicago. Currently I live in nrrdtastic Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is possibly the best place in the world for stalking scientists and picking their brains for ideas. I have pictures of the following people on my office wall (partial list): Gygax, Arneson, George de Mestral (the guy who invented velcro), Thomas Pynchon, Du Fu, Janeane Garofalo, and Jean Luc Goddard. I breathe the Kurzweil Foundation's news feed and poop self-aware nano ice cream.

Tobias Wolter Bio

Real Name:
Tobias Wolter
Firewall Codename: Concrete
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Scum Barge Vagabond
Previous Experience: Several Shadowrun titles in both English and German

About Me: A long time Shadowrun enthusiast, I started freelancing about six years ago, and haven’t gotten that bug out of my system yet. In real life, you could call me a wageslave/indentured hypercorp drone focusing on Logistics and Supply Chain management (global, not interplanetary—yet).

Transhuman Interests: While the technological aspects are essential to transhumanism, I find myself more intrigued by the question of how do (trans)humans retain their "humanity?" In the face of a technology curve spun out of control, triggering massive (and potentially devastating) changes on political, social, economic and environmental levels, how would our image and definition of "humanity" change?

John Snead Bio

Eclipse Phase Contributor Bio

Real Name: John Snead
Firewall Codename: Heron61
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Autonomist/Voluntary Mercurial
Previous Experience: I've been writing RPGs professionally for more than a decade and have worked on almost a dozen SF RPGs, including Traveller, Star Trek, Star Wars, GURPS Transhuman Space, and Trinity

Lars Blumenstein Bio

Eclipse Phase Contributor Bio

Real Name: Lars Blumenstein
Firewall Codename: LabRat
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Hyperelite Argonaut

Previous Experience: Numerous Shadowrun titles in both German and English

About Me: I’d classify myself as an open-minded futurist scientophile in both passion and profession. I hold a PhD in biochemistry (biophysics and bioanalytics background) and currently work in the pharma biz. I have been a regular RPG freelancer for about 7 years now, and before that I wrote fan fiction for German-based RPGs (I am German, btw). I am also a caffeine addict (who isn’t?) and a media junkie (news feeds, books, movies/series, i-net, RPGs) when I get the time, though work, freelance writing, social life, and GF have diminished that in recent months.

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