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Firewall Electronic Release Date & Table of Contents!

Posthuman Studios is proud to announce the electronic version of the Eclipse Phase sourcebook Firewall will be on Thursday, April 2nd. It will be accompanied by the Firewall Hack Pack, containing artwork, Singularity character creation files, and more!


Firewall is 200 pages, focusing of course on the Firewall faction, but also on other secret organizations that players may join—their organization, operations, secrets, and rivalries.

It contains 16 brand-new sample characters, plus new traits and gear.

Check out the Table of Contents Preview, and please share it with your friends!


See you on Thursday!

New Art for the Core Book Reprint

One of the changes we made for the next core book reprint (the 3rd printing and the 1st by Posthuman Studios independently) was to replace the few pieces of artwork that were not licensed under the Creative Commons license. The new reprint will be entirely CC-licensed.

Here's a first preview of one of the replacement pieces: a creepy Pandora gate, illustrated by Zachary Graves. Click for a bigger version.

Art Preview: Another Bouncer

Sometimes projects just seem cursed. Take the Eclipse Phase Quick Start Rules for example. We originally finished it ages ago, with the intent of releasing it before the core book. We used some of the art we had lined up for it in the core book, however, so we opted to get that artwork replaced. For some inexplicable reason, this turned into a major deal. We ended up going to several different artists, all of whom ended up having to back out of the project after something came up that prevented them from finishing it. Our Art Director, Brent Evans, persevered, and thankfully that ordeal is now behind us and the QSR will be posted shortly. Artist Will Nichols was the one who put the coup de grace on the project with some excellent character pieces. Here's one of them, a bouncer morph (note the prehensile feet!):

GM Screen Cover Art

We haven't shown off the artwork for the back of the EP Gamemaster Screen yet, so here you go! (clicky for embiggening):

This is another Stephen Martiniere piece, depicting a group of Firewall agents having an unfortunate run-in with a fractal -- a bush robot left behind by the TITANs -- on Mars. That's Olympus Mons and the space elevator in the background. 

CatLabs Post, More Art

There's a new post over at the Catalyst Game Labs blog about the upcoming release of Eclipse Phase. It includes two new art previews. The first piece is by Bruno Werneck, who did many of the chapter opener illustrations in the EP core rulebook. This particular image shows a group of shady types breaking in somewhere, complete with a hacker and armed synthmorph. The second piece is by Paul Davies and depicts the interior of a microgravity beehive habitat -- note the winged biomorph, the uplifted neo-avian, and the robotic shells, illustrating a few different ways of getting around in zero-g. 

Sunward Cover Art

Here is the cover art for Sunward: The Inner System, the first sourcebook we'll be releasing for Eclipse Phase. This is another fantastic piece from artist Stephan Martiniere (who also did our core book and GM Screen covers). It depicts a spacecraft scoping out a couple of suryas, which are a morph type genetically designed to live in the sun's corona. Yes, they're sort of like sun whales, and many suryas are actually uplifted whales or dolphins.

All of the cover art for Eclipse Phase is going to feature this horizontal, wrap-around cover design, with one half of the image on the front and the other half on the back cover, laying over the spine. This cover mockup shows you what the front cover will look like:



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