Forum Rearrangement

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Forum Rearrangement

What just happened!?
Well, we've consolidated the forums a bit. Ok, a lot. They were really sprawling and it was difficult to get much of a good conversation going. No posts have been removed, so your links and subscriptions should still work.

Where did everything go?
EP News & Events: Schedule Stuff, Release Dates, New Releases, Con Stuff, etc
The old EP General was renamed to this.

EP General Discussion: Books, Rules, Setting, etc.
Everything under EP Books/Products and everything from Suggestions (except the website stuff) went here.

EP Homebrew: Fan Creations, Community Projects, Creative Commons stuff
All the Homebrew stuff went here (except looking for group).

EP IC Talk: In-character discussions, forum games
Empty for the moment! We'll be tracking down IC threads and moving them here, but maybe you'd like to start your own game too?

Off Topic: Transhumanism, Gaming Industry, Other Games, RL Tech
All of Transhumanism and Off-Topic went here.

Registry: Find Players/Groups/Games
Looking for Group went here.

Website/Forum Talk: Updates, Suggestions
And lastly Website Suggestions went here.

Now what?
The forums should be stable for a bit now, and things should be a lot easier to locate without being overwhelmed. So - enjoy them, start up a new conversation and have fun. If you find we really really need to add a new forum to cover something we missed let us know in Website/Forum Talk.

I fix broken things. If you need something fixed, mention it on the suggestions board.
I also sometimes speak as website administrator and/ moderator.