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Forum Game: Character Summary

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Forum Game: Character Summary
Summarize your [b]entire[/b] characters in only one predicate fragment. I'll start Burnie Asimov: Brutal, sadistic, violent Russian infomorph hacker. Dr. Crispy: Slightly misogynistic, scientifically passionate, neotenic enthusiast, arguably misandric, argonaut geneticist. Dr. Alex Llanera: Former weeaboo, hack-and-slash, exhuman, only 5 SAV, masked slitheroid, edgy backstoried, marksman, hacker, neotenic, subservient, housemaid with artistic license psychology.
Picture of Fire taken under CC0 license. (That's the correct syntax, right?)
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Malevolence Beneath the Surface (Mal)
Deeply insane, async, Exhuman octomorph, X-caster who dines on souls to improve himself.
If you took the monsters' point of view, everything they did made perfect sense. The trick was learning to think like a monster.