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Schedule Stuff, Release Dates, New Releases, Con Stuff, etc
1504 Gen Con 2019
by TheGrue
2019-06-25 20:35
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Books, Rules, Setting, etc.
21399 Relatively new GM...
by sysop
2020-11-30 11:52
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All of the rules drafts will be made available as a free download on DriveThruRPG.
2574 Why is this forum...
by sysop
2018-10-08 19:49
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Fan Creations, Community Projects, Creative Commons etc.
4850 Morph Recognition...
by DivineWrath
2020-05-19 08:36
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In-character discussions, forum games
1495 Baby experimental...
by Aven
2020-04-04 12:32
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Eclipse Phase Fate conversion guide rules, discussion, etc.
327 Transhumanity's...
by jackgraham
2020-04-21 23:24
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Transhumanism, Gaming Industry, Other Games, RL Tech, etc.
3817 Picard and Firewall?
by rfmcdonald
2020-06-06 13:16
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Find Players/Groups/Games
939 Eclipse Phase 1e...
by BetaBrigadier
2020-06-14 14:32
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Report issues with the website and forums.
49 Odd sign in issue...
by syberwasp
2020-05-27 10:34
No longer active playtests, these forums are view only.
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Reports & discussion from Eclipse Phase: Transhuman Fate playtesters. (view only)
75 Actual Play Report
by bblonski
2016-02-29 19:56
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Open Playtest for Transhuman, the upcoming player's guide for EP. (view only)
640 CLOSED - Post in...
by RobBoyle
2013-08-02 19:44
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