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Form fillable Character Sheet

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Form fillable Character Sheet
I know kylleran said that it was on the to do list but I also know that Apocryphile (sp?) said that he created one and had emailed it in. If anyone has done a form-fillable character sheet, could you post a location for download or maybe put it up on the darkcast wiki?
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Been working on one in excel
Been working on one in excel that on the darkcast forums. It has all the steps and calculations for character creation. Currently checking it for errors, spelling and finalizing the appearance. Should be done at the latest just after Labor day and will be on the wiki then. If you want an early version it's on the darkcast forums.

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I'm not fond of the fonts on

I'm not fond of the fonts on the calculation page, and the whole thing strikes me as (no offense intended) a little clunky. Try streamlining it until you have something a little closer (at least visually) to this http://pavao.org/shadowrun/generators/SR4Chargen.xls if you want some advice.
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Re: I'm not fond of the fonts on

Hey, Admini..that is great! Why don't you code it up for Eclipse Phase?