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Forknapping: Emergency Farcaster Subversion

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Forknapping: Emergency Farcaster Subversion
Recently my gamemaster tasked our team with forknapping/kidnapping Ozma Agent and one ugly exhuman. They both have Emergency Farcasters, Ozma Flunkie is sleeved in a synthmorph, Exhuman Beastie is heavily augumented biomorph (probably more implants than normal organs). I have some ideas on how to do this: 1. Saboteur Nanoswarm, programmed to sever Emergency Farcaster's activation switch. -Exhuman probably has Nanophages, which would make it a unreliable. 2. Disabler jack plugin for the synthmorph 3. Hacking the synthmorph into a bootloop. Effectively like a Disabler. -It is risky, because, hacking attempt, if detected, can prompt the Ozmak to evacuate. 4. Killing them, effectively triggering the farcaster and then localising their bodybank, stealing their egos from there in 3 hours it's taking them to resleeve. Or kill them again when they leave the clinic. -Localizing the clinic requires 360 degrees neutrino detectors coverage. Hitting the clinic may be more difficult than anything else on this list. So please give me your thoughts on these, and maybe some better ideas.
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Kill the Killswitch or Break the Bank?
If they don't have protection against it I'd use a subtle sabotage with a specialized nanoswarm that will kill the killswitch. Basically a highly specialized swarm that can invade and disable the deadswitch component, leaving the farcaster intact. Unless they shoot themselves in the head they are then ripe for picking. There is a scenario out there where this was written in as one option to take. Delivering the swarm is another matter to figure out. Once the swarm has done it's work, you hit them with riot foam and fish the bodies out to deal with after. Finding out where they are farcasting to is a bigger problem, and would require a lot of mesh tracking and potential for discovery, then infiltration, subversion, coercion and/or shooting. The temptation to subvert an Ozma bodybank might be too much for players to resist though. Our team is very keen on taking Morphs as intact as possible for backup and second hand market uses.
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BalazarLightson wrote:There
BalazarLightson wrote:
There is a scenario out there where this was written in as one option to take.
Could you by any chance remember the name of the adventure? I would not want to spoil them all looking for it.
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I think it's Dance With The
I think it's Dance With The Devil which is from the From Blinding Heights sequence of fan made adventures.
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Four Broad Options
1) Locate and subvert the local backup. Per EP Core, these are often on a local facility or craft, but this also depends on the location. Depending on the hab, this could be tricky, but would require the subjects to trust the local facility. Subverting facility security (or someone working at the facility) would probably be easier than boarding a craft undetected, but creating a situation where the subjects wanted you to board their craft would probably be easier than just straight up sneaking in. 2) Direct route. Incapacitate (EM for the bio's muse and the synth, headshot [not damaging farcaster] to bio), pop stacks, profit. Keep subjecting to EM for as long as required to keep offline. For kicks, try to convince them they are at resleeving when they come back on. If you really want the bio's morph, the medical vats are a thing, but do the homework on where the brain and any backups are. Now that I think of it, try to get a good read on the synth too. If this option goes pear shaped, having already located the local backup would be optimal, so I'd advise starting there. 3) People have been turned against their interests for thousands of years. Currently the acronym is MICE: Money, Ideology, Conscience, Ego. This will require you to get in the heads, and probably, in the company of the subjects. Find the levers, and start moving them to your ends. This will take time, so if that's a pressure, some trickery may be required. I think that given the EP setting, Fear would be another good motivator, either of subversion, punishment, or erasure. 4) Outside contractor. I don't install or maintain high voltage power lines, professionals do that. Hire Nine-Lives or the like. Finding and gaining the ability to trust their result may be difficult, but such is life. I think you should have multiple paths to success, some of which can start at other plans point of failure. Holding your plan 4 as a backup to the backup seems wise, and planning for success on that contingency and the plan B. You've got three solid technical approaches to dropping the synth, any or all of which would be good for plan B, and one may work on the bio. If the bio's nanophages could be otherwise occupied when the swarm to sever the farcaster was activated, you could increase the odds of success.
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