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Flexbots/Modular Construction Morph Question

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Flexbots/Modular Construction Morph Question
So I was rereading the flexbots section in Transhuman, when I had a thought. This section says
Spoiler: Highlight to view
Because flexbot modules are morphs, they don’t come with device AIs. However, a device AI may be installed in a flexbot’s cyberbrain. Device AIs running in attached modules can’t assist the operating ego with physical skill tests (e.g., running or firing weapons), but they may perform mental actions. They may also perform physical actions on their own, provided they’re not precluded by what the operating ego is doing (e.g., a device AI could fire a weapon on an articulated mount if the operating ego isn’t currently controlling the weapon). Giving orders to device AIs is a Quick Action. Device AIs have an aptitude maximum of 20, regardless of the aptitude bonuses of the shell in which they’re running.
Does that mean a morph with Modular Construction could have articulated weapons mounts, as well as ghostrider modules occupied by gunner AI, and fire it for him? Or do they each need their own cyberbrain? Or can it only be done via drones equipped with the Modular Construction mod, essentially like detachable turrets? EDIT: Fuck i just realized i asked this question before here. Sorry folks.
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Yes. Someone else can fire
Yes. Someone else can fire your articulated weapons for you.