Firewall-themed GMT-friendly roll20 campaign looking for two players

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Firewall-themed GMT-friendly roll20 campaign looking for two players

I'm currently staring a weekly game of Eclipse Phase, playing on Sundays, staring at about 12 PM GMT and running for 4-5 hours. The game will be run via roll20+skype.

The characters are a cell of Firewall sentinels. This particular cell was created recently, just two month before the game starts, and attached to a Pragmatists faction-alighned sever Mystery Three, tasked with investigating a recent spike in trade of TITAN artifacts in the Main Belt. The campaign base will be Extropia. The campaign will be focused on Firewall activities, however there will be time and space for everyone's personal story and character development. The campaign will be mostly focused on investigation and social interaction, however the brutal combat and mindwrecking horrors of the cold, uncaring galaxy will also be present.

For now we have a GM and two players - an AGI hacker-spaceship pilot and owner (semi-legaly) and an ego hunter. The group need someone to fill the TITAN expertise role and someone with good social skills.

If you are up for it - post a message in the thread on roll20