Firewall cover!

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Firewall cover!

This popped up on my facebook feed

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I got the same on Google+.

I got the same on Google+. That's really cool.


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Excuse my me while i get my

Excuse my me while i get my ayah servant to clean out my bunk.

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Awesome cover. Really looking forward to its release.

Cannot wait. Is there a tentative release date?

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From the Facebook comments asking about a release date:

"We're still putting the final touches on the electronic version, and after that's available we'll wait a week or so before sending it to press (to catch the inevitable typos/etc). Around that time we'll open up pre-orders for the print book!"

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Thanks for letting us know

Moment it hits DriveThruRPG I will be picking it up :)

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Know Evil
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I will definitely be buying

I will definitely be buying this the moment it comes out. Is there any way to get some sort of alert when it becomes available for purchase?

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The player-character is the one on the left, right?

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I know it's purely

I know it's purely coincidental, but I wonder if the humanoid is the same individual from the cover of the main rulebook. Maybe this is a moment before or after the MRB scene, or he's resleeved and back for revenge!

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It's out now on DriveThruRPG

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Know Evil
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