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So what is the overall status of these "Firewall" folks that work so hard to keep transhumanity safe and sound? Is this a recognized group that has been created by (but largely kept operating out of the controls of) various factions to keep doomsday at bay? Or is it more like a transhumanist Miskatonic University? A group of ordinary folks that are unified by their recognition of threats above and beyond the everyday ones and put aside differences to try to understand/thwart them... with little hope of recognition outside of their own ranks?
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MU or DG
They are more like a Miskatonic or Delta Green type organization, they operate as a covert conspiracy in many parts of the Solar System.

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Perhaps its more like the
Perhaps its more like the resistance fighters in the Matrix films or the SC agents from Banks' Culture novels. Such organizations are fairly common in the genre: Asher, Morgan and others have similar groups in their works.
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Going back to Firewall...
Going bact to Firewall... was there a "pivitol moment" when the organization started? Some manner of major discovery by a select few that lead to the organization's creation? Or was it more of a general gathering of individuals that compared notes or have similar ideals that lead to the organization's eventual founding? And is Firewall's existence generally known? Or does it prefer to operate in the shadows as much as possible.
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Firewall is clandestine, and
Firewall is clandestine, and not known to the public at large. The catalyst for it's founding was the Fall of Earth, but several components of the organization were already in operation before that point.

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Sounds more like "Global
Sounds more like "Global Frequency" or maybe even "The Laundry" series (Charles Stross)in a significantly higher technology setting. I like it. Add another book to the shopping list.