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Fight the Junta!

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Fight the Junta!
I get the impression that the Jovian Republic wasn't desired by some of it's current residents, is there any resistance movement about? Or has that been crushed completely by the Republic?
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Rise Up! There has to be a

Rise Up!

There has to be a resistance. No society that... dystopian, especially one with a seperate society that lives lifes equivelent to that of gods compared to those inside the Junta, can exist without one. That being said, I am sure the Junta is very, very paranoid about such things. An individual who managed to smuggle in even a single CM could mount an uprising by arming the dissatisfied masses with all kinds of dangerous weapons.

That, and I am sure organisations such as Firewall would quite like to bring the Junta down. The Jovians make life for Firewall Sentinels a living hell, the risks of a threat developing within the Junta and Firewall not being able to react to it quickly enough is to great, something would have to be done.

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it probabably depends on how

it probabably depends on how open borders are. if you can really find any particular way of life you choose in SOME community in the solar system, open resistance would be obsolete in the face of simple emmigration. dont like where your living? egocast your self somewhere better. theres enough people with enough different ideas that they can probably mostly co-exist.

in this way, EP strongly reminds me of IOSHI which was a really brilliant setting written for the Ex Machina (hated tristat...) game system.

someone in another thread mentioned a lack of conflict in the setting. while this is a pretty valid complaint to level against an RPG (where killing things and stealing their stuff has been a primary staple of gameplay since the 70s), theres lots of reasons why there WOULDNT be conflict.

one of the primary reasons is a lack of scarcity. with autonomous robotic nano-mechanical miners harvesting resources from planets, moons, asteroids, and commets, its not like there is any shortage of resources. with nannofoundries (or whatever theyre called) its not like theres a shortage of production capacity. in light of this, morph shortages seem a bit artificial and arbitrary. probably just there for game balance.

so whats there to fight over? ideology? not if people can simply use their reputation networks to find a community of likeminded individuals elsewhere in the solarsystem and then join them.

to provide this conflict, the questions become: "how dow we artificially limit the technologies of abundance and mobility inherant in the setting?" and thats not such an absurd question to ask, since we can pretty much evaluate our modern world under the same terms. the traditional answers are 1, entrenched power-elite which is resistant to changes that may upset their powerbase. 2, basic human preference for tradition and resistance to change. 3, religion and local community value systems. 4, fear of the unknown which is encouraged by all of the above factors.

the next step is to ask how far the established order is willing to push to enforce the status quo, and how far potential revolutionaries are willing to push back to upset it. then you have a foundation from which to start designing your hypothetical revolution, if you indeed want one.

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Now THERE'S a challenge...
Now THERE'S a challenge... sneaking into the Jovian Republic to first create an otherwise nonexistant rebellion group (including an entire hidden history) to then use it to take on the Republic...
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singularity sky was pretty

singularity sky was pretty much about this. inteligence operative smuggle a CM into a backwoods technophobic monarchy, and try to upset the power base. after the world is turned upside down by rampant marxists with their new CMs, things eventually cool down and the people go back to waiting for the nobility to lead them.

sometimes people just choose to live in a way thats known to them and comfortable to them. theres nothing more frustrating than traveling through the eastern med or northern africa with a young american woman, and listening to her rant and rave about the way the local women are oppressed and how something should be done to help them. all the while the locals are prefectly happy with their traditional way of life and think the crazy white tourist women are decedant and basically batshit nuts.

its not a direct analogue, but the residents of the Junta (despite the fact that it has a name with negative political connotations for most modern audience members) would probably have similar feelings of patriotism and positive cultural identity. i can even imagine disenfranchised anarchist youth who want more structure in their lives might migrate to the jovian system.

I'm not sure why the Junta would be opposed to firewall, either. I think they would even want to support an organization whos stated purpose was to find rouge ai and threatening xenomorphs, and kill them. though fractious and factional, firewall is nothing if not preservers of the status quo. just like the junta.

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This is very true and all too
This is very true and all too often forgotten, perhaps the formation of the Jovian Junta wasn't as much as a coup as it was a desperate flock to hold on to something comfortable in a time of spectacular change. Either way it's an interesting adversary that I hope to see more of as time goes by...
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Don't worry.
Several defectors are holed-up in Hyoden, as we speak, about to commit some rather treasonous acts of sabotage. :D