A few ugly, grammatical eccentricities...

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A few ugly, grammatical eccentricities...

My example comes from page 34 of The Mesh chapter, but this is a more pervasive issue. Occasionally, solid content and rules are marred by a lonely, poorly chosen word. Usually, the word is an adverb or preposition. In this case, the word is "well."

If looking in an area with multiple sensors, roll once and apply no modifiers; use superior successes to ascertain how WELL you find the smaller ones.

While the sentence works, technically, it is awkward. The better choice would be "effectively." I would suggest searching through every chapter and carefully analyzing the placement of the word "well."

(Please don't take this feedback as hostile criticism. I love this game. In the end, I will purchase it whether it contains such rare, editorial gaffes or not. I just want to give all the constructive criticism I can, as EP is a game worthy of top-quality publication and critical attention.)

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Cyber-Dave -- bear in mind

Cyber-Dave -- bear in mind that most of the documents that went into the playtest have not had a full copy-edit yet. There are absolutely some things that still need to be cleaned up.

One of our goals with EP2 was to simplify language and be more conversational, especially in the rules sections. This may be a case of that. (Despite *mumble-mumble* years working together, I can't always read Rob's intentions...)

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Fair. In any case, I found

Fair. In any case, I found another set of issues. See the grappling rules. The word "may" is frequently used inappropriately. In a number of places, the word that should have been used is "cannot." If one may not do something, they still can; they just do not have permission to do so. A grappled character is physically incapable of taking actions, thus they cannot take physical actions.