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Few questions about Pools

Hello, I would like to know how the pools are linked to skills and aptitudes and how to calculate them.

Also, another question: Can you add pool points during character creation to your ego, or it's only with the morph?

Las question: How do you recalculate skills linked with pools when resleeving?

Thank you in advance :)

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I get the feeling you're

I get the feeling you're misunderstanding a few things about how pools work. So, as follows...

Vigor is related to SOMatics and REFlexes
Intuition is related to COGnition and INTuiton
Moxie is related to SAVvy and WILlpower
Flex can be used for dice manipulation on all types, but can't be used as a stat boost.

Each pool has a list of special effects it can be used for, split up as physical, mental, and social for Vigor, Intuition, and Moxie respectively. Most of these don't directly affect the related skills, those are just the most likely to be affected (and I recommend looking over the lists for each pool in the rule book, some of the effects are quite strong like bonus rounds in combat). The only two that directly affect your skills are dice manipulation and stat boosts.

Dice manipulation allows you to tweak the results of dice rolls for any skill that uses the stats governed by the pool (or all for flex). There's a bit of a list of them, but they're all things such as flipping the tens and 1s digit (Turning an 83 into a 38 for instance), or upgrading a normal result to a critical.

Stat boosts are different, basically you can spend a pool point to boost one of the affected stats by +5 until your next rest (when you restore points). This works like any other aptitude boost from things such as drugs or augments, it's a flat bonus applied after all other limitations and boosts any linked skills by an equal amount. That said, this is a very temporary bonus and the game assumes you may wish to change these around as you play. So, the best way to do it is to use a token or note or something to tell yourself that whenever you use one of those skills, you've got +5 (or +10, or +15, or however many you spend) extra to your skill. As for recalculating skills when resleeving, it's the same as recalculating when you rest: These are passive benefits you may or may not decide to use, so any time you do add them, do so with the understanding that they're temporary. Be ready to reverse that change and go back to your default values when you rest/resleeve/whatever.

Lastly, Flex is the only pool that can be bought with CP during character creation. Your ego begins with 1 flex and you can buy up to 2 more (at a cost of 3 CP each), for a total of 3 flex. Your ego flex will always stay with you. Your morph defines literally the rest of your pools and is the only source of the main three. Certain augments may grant additional pool points as well (such as the +1 vigor from Neurachem). It should be noted that your morph and all augments are purchased with MP, not CP. Lastly, any MP left unspent is converted into extra flex from your morph.

I think I covered most everything? I'd like some clarification on how you think pools work since I think you got the wrong picture somewhere along the line.

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And just to be clear, the

And just to be clear, the actual values of your pools are decided by the Morph, and NOT by the Ego that is riding that morph. ( Except Flex,your Ego is allowed to carry some extra Flex to any morph they sleeve into. )

So if you have terrible social skills, sleeving into a Pleasure Pod gives you Moxie that you can use to shore up the weakness.

If you have great social skills, that same pleasure pod will let you do amazing and terrifying things.

A slight smell of ions....

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Really thanks for the

Really thanks for the calirification, it seems its pretty easy to reesleeve into another morph with this system. Really encourages sleeve switch wich I like it. So the pools represent the transhuman power since we can alter many skill tests and boost our aptitudes. Really great job imho.

Thanks again for the clarification :)

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Making it easy to resleeve at

Making it easy to resleeve at a moment's notice was an explicit design objective of switching to the pools system in the first place.

A slight smell of ions....