FATE playtest game, GMT-5 Roll20 Sundays

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FATE playtest game, GMT-5 Roll20 Sundays

I want to try out the playtest with a short-term game (maybe six sessions total after chargen), with the possibility of a long-term game after that. The game will be less combat-focused, but will still include stuff like zero-g combat and laser firefights.

My time zone is GMT-5, and I was thinking Sunday nights every other week; a live four-hour session on roll20 sometime between 6pm and midnight GMT-5.

My mini-campaign idea is a set of Firewall agents in New Shanghai on Mars, tracking and confronting a possible threat (after an announcement of more aliens coming to the solar system). This would exclude a few character options (hard to be a neo-whale on the red planet), but I'll be pretty open to most ideas.

I've never GM'd either system (I've been running a weekly online dnd4e game for 4 years), but have read them extensively. I would appreciate players familiar with either system (both would be amazing), but since I'm a newbie, I'm totally fine with inexperienced players also. I've got materials to help anyone get caught up with the setting, and I also expect folks to read the game system materials available.

I'd like to do chargen before we all meet on roll20, using a collaborative document system I use for my DND game. If you're interested, go to: