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Fate **conversion** guide

If "fate conversion guide" means "a guide to convert existing EP characters to the Fate Core mechanic", maybe that would explain the crunchiness of Transhuman's Fate ...

In a crunchy game like EP, gear implants and whatnot can play a major role in defining a character - it's always good to have a background, but let's face it, you can perfectly play an empty pile of stats and have fun. On the contrary, Fate goes the opposite way. Characters are very much story-driven - It is more interesting to know how you got that cyberarm than which options you chose to incoporate in it.

I guess it can be quite hard for a player to let go of all this when converting her character to Fate. Maybe the character will feel a bit empty, hence the sub-mechanics to keep a bit more of the crunch than most other fate games.

-- just my two cents --

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I prefer to think of the

I prefer to think of the guide as away of converting EP to fate. not converting EP characters. In my experience most people do not keep characters between campaigns. new campaign new character So i would expect most people to go on the lazy side and make new campaign instead of trying to convert the old one