Farhauler = Long-Haul Ship = Bulk Carrier?

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Farhauler = Long-Haul Ship = Bulk Carrier?

The term Farhauler is defined in the glossary but used nowhere else in the book. Then there are "long-haul ships" used sparsely throughout the book. The only sample ships that I think fits the definition are the Bulk Carrier.

So, is farhauler a long-haul ship, and the bulk carrier is the only example given (but probably not the only kind of)?

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Given the description, I

Given the description, I would classify that as any ship capable of independent intra-system travel.
So Bulk Carriers, Standard Transports, Scum Barges and Couriers would all qualify.
Shuttles could have the delta-v to make the trip but not the resources on board...thus using Aldrin Cyclers to complete the trip

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I thought so. My guess is

I thought so. My guess is that they created the expression farhaul, but then used long-haul instead and forgot about it...