Farcast Needs Art

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Farcast Needs Art

So, there's 30 days remaining on Farcast, and I've been planning to collect all 366 entries into a single PDF at the end of it, available for free. The most requested thing from commentators public and private, however, is to make this a "proper" PDF with real layout and art and stuff, particularly character portraits. Given that the budget for this whole thing is "All my time plus the cost of the domain registration." there's not a lot I can do - but I've got a volunteer who wants to handle the layout, so all that's left is art.

So, I need your art. Because my art skills are somewhere between rudimentary and missing.

Standard disclaimers: this is a non-commercial entertainment product that, like all Eclipse Phase stuff, falls under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Nobody gets paid for anything, everybody gets properly accredited. If you're game, give us a post or send me a message.