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Fan-Update of Singularity Data File

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Fan-Update of Singularity Data File
Hi everyone, I went through the bug report thread and the other threads on this subforum and I decided that I would go ahead and fix the issues myself so my gaming group could use it a little more easily. I also thought that I'd post it here in case anyone else wants to have a slightly updated version of the data. I will also be continuing to update this post and the data file with new versions as I find other things to fix. So far, the changes I've made are:
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- Fixed the issue with morphs who have Neurachem or Bioweave armour not actually giving it for free - Added the cost of traits to the beginning of the trait descriptions - Added a dummy entry to the beginning of the Background, Faction, and Morph drop-down lists so that it doesn't automatically add the Ape Uplift, Anarchist, and Aquanaut values in - Fixed Ego Hunter 3 and 5's issue with an undefinable Rep score and the skill of 30 in 30 - Fixed the price of Reactive ammunition