Familiar Faces in Firewall

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Familiar Faces in Firewall

Is anyone else seeing PCs and/or NPCs from their games, or any other "Familiar Faces" in the Firewall Sample Characters? I mean we all know that the "Argonaut Psychosurgeon" is just Arenamontanus in disguise, but I am still trying to figure out how one of the PCs in my (admittedly stumbling) game got cast as a "Firewall Router", Takko and all. Is this happening to anyone else, or am I just the recipient of a basilisk hack?

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Well, I've seen a few, but

Well, I've seen a few, but that's more because I creatively repurposed a few stock NPCs than that anything from my games has made it into the book.

I'm just glad they didn't feature Ellis Menezes. The canon write-up of Violet Perdido can sort-of, if you squint, be reconciled with my version of her, though she was forced to flee Mars in the course of my players' first mission. Anything they came up with for Ellis would unquestionably have left me way the hell out in Here Be Dragons territory.

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