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[Faction] Industrialists

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[Faction] Industrialists
[b]Memes:[/b] production, defense, synthetics, militarism. [b]Main Stations:[/b] Ganymede (Jovian Junta). [b]Philosophy:[/b] Some believe that Industrialists are old fashioned, but they have a simple belief: that massive production of goods is what will keep humanity safe. They think that transhumanity devotes too much time to building "useless" goods and commodities for a happy life, when it should be devoting all those resources to breeding, expanding and, above all, preparing for x-threats. And to do that, transhumanity must devote all their resources to producing "useful" goods: for example, nano threats can be detected with expensive pads like radiation? Then it doesn't matter how expensive they are, they have to be mass produced so everyone has one, and thus infection is no risk. Factors can pose a threat? Then transhumanity will need to build a massive combat fleet in order to prevent that. And so on. But such an effort requires transhumanity to stop spending in useless matters such as food and environmental control. Thus they defend that resleving the most amount possible of egos into synthmorphs can solve many demands and reduce resource consumption, resources that can be employed elsewhere. They also believe that a lot of efforts have been put into improving the biological morphs, efforts that could have been avoided if transhumanity had gone for synths since long ago: no need for food or air, no aging, no diseases, no waste disposal... problems synths don't have and bios have had to be modified in order to reduce their impact, wasting valuable resources. But it won't surprise anyone to say that Industrialists are often seen with caution or even warily by others. Their defense of synthmorphs have granted them lots of problems everywhere, but specially on Luna, where synths are seen specially badly. Besides, some people tie them to synth defender organizations, like the Steel Liberators, and say they funnel resources to building habitats only for synths and infomorphs in the outer rim. Rumours also link them to a series of attempts to finish biomorph life in several habitats in order to prove how weak they are, but such rumours have yet to be completed with any sort of proofs. [b]Game Stats:[/b] +10 to the Hardware Skill of your choice +10 to Interfacing +10 to Programming +10 to one skill of your choice related to construction in some way Disadvantages: none Common Morphs: Menton or any synthetic one.
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Re: [Faction] Industrialists
It is an interesting faction.