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Fabber nanotagging printjobs

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Fabber nanotagging printjobs
Hi In my group we have a discussion about nanotagging. One view: All products you print gets tagged with your Mesh ID (or something that identifies your Ego). Like the snake in Blade Runner. Somebody picks up the bullet you fired and they know who fired it. Your pants tear jumping a fence and some fabric is left behind, expect OIA to knock on your door. Other view: Al though many products you print have Mesh ID, not all do. You can print a dumb bullet without Mesh ID and/or a tag that identifies the fabber and maker I'd love some more views on this. What seems reasonable?
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An opinion
I think haveing blueprints made to incorperate ids, make since as a standard. I could see fabbers haveing the ability to insert ids in those blueprints. It make since corporations and governments would want it done. But any blueprints or fabber that has those fetures can be hacked. Forged or just ignored.
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I think that goes a bit too
I think that goes a bit too far. It would be impossible to do crime or secret missions if things went that far. Instead of tags that record history and ownership, maybe they only cover what the item is. Bigger items, like guns, might record history and ownership but individual bullets should not. Remember that things could be hacked to erase history. I think the tags for bullets might not survive impact. They're going to be fired at dangerously high speeds and then must make a sudden stop. A torn piece of fabric probably doesn't have an id on it. A shirt or pants only needs one tag. The sensor capabilities of objects are probably going to be terrible. It is possible, even likely, that they might not know anything about the owner unless the owner tells it. I wonder what the upcoming crime book is going to have to say about this.
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requiring producer mesh id
requiring producer mesh id tags to be appended to all items produces might be something that some hypercorp habitats would do. particularly to bullets, nano swarms, and other potentially dangerous goods. in general, however, it is not part of the standard-setting and it would be possible to hack nanofabers to eliminate the mesh ID or insert a fake mesh ID.