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Extinction - A Playtest Report

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Extinction - A Playtest Report
Setup My 3 veteran EP players and I got together over the last few weekends and worked through the available rules. I had them each make 2 characters by using randomly generation method, and one character by picking all their own options. We printed out a version of the rules for each player, put them into a 3 ring binder and printed a bunch of character sheets. Character Creation Report The random character creation method was an exercise in imagination and a small level of confusion/frustration. Some of the combo's just didn't make a whole lot of sense and not everyone had a weapon or could stand up in a fight for that matter. Some combo's being pretty non-functional wasn't that big of a deal, they role played well enough for a known playtest series. This method may not work for the long term to create functional firewall agents in the long term. Feedback from my game testers for the random character creation process was followed by the number of characters they banged out in the character creation sessions: "Wow this is way easier" (4) "These characters kinda suck, but it was quick" (4) "I'm still too hung over to do this at speed" (1) My response at making an equal number of 60% functional NPCs: "This system is much quicker, however some of the rules are a bit fuzzy." 10 NPCs - 2 full characters and 8 partials (battle cards). --- Battle Report Pools are cool. But confusing at first. Not having morph attributes was a beautiful thing. The extra overhead was a nightmare. Removing speed was a huge boon to the game. Graceful solution to the morph stat and speed attribute problem. A++ would try again. Psi Report None of the gamers used psi natively on their sheets however I implemented a unique system where the players rolled a d10 and I applied a little extra story on the characters. One ended up being a secret OZMA agent, one a Secret Firewall trained Async, the other a secret run away unimpeded AGI. So the guy with Psi used his powers sparingly. We'll have to wait to see what comes later for more details. Playtest Document Report Players had a really hard time finding the rules when they needed them, honestly as did I. The way the weapons were laid out and what all the tags meant on them made it difficult to find. I'm thinking weapons section should have the effects of Armor-Piercing, Pain, Shock, etc in the beginning right around the area with combat modifiers, not in the back wedged between social combat and armor. There are a few other layout issues that will hopefully be addressed in the next release or two. P.S. We all had fun, none of the issues we encountered seriously impacted our enjoyment of the game. Also 2 out of 3 characters died, but the campaign is called extinction for a reason.
~Alpha Fork Initialized. P.S. I often post from my phone as I travel extensively for work. Please forgive typos and grammar issues.
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