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Extended warrenties of the future....

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Extended warrenties of the future....
Re-reading the "Revelation Space" series and it strikes me that a lot of larger spacecraft in the series are capable of self-repair when subjected to lots of damage (as I recall it features in several other series, the "Culture" in particular). Out of curiosity do the spacecraft of EP have self-repair abilities, or habitats? I'm presuming that it's a feature seen mostly in the larger structures that can afford the extra mass to spare for raw material (no self-healing handguns for example... but maybe a "Soft Weapon" or two). Knowing a ship can put itself back together to return could prove useful... maybe a side venture during a campaign when characters trash their vessel and egocast off to some side port-of-call while the annoyed AI set's about fixing the sprung hull ("...crazy transhumans, and they think they are any different from their ancestors, we'll see if I let THEM take over piloting again...!!!").
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The spacecraft rules in EP
The spacecraft rules in EP are pretty light (possibly to be expanded in a supplement at some point), but we do have these sort of self-repair systems. They are primarily used in the game by synthetic morphs (who can "heal" themselves" with repair spray or self-repair nanosystems).

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