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Extended Fall/Pre-Fall Timeline - A Community Resource

This is an extended Eclipse Phase timeline. It covers ~150 events starting 60 years before the Fall.

The list expands on the original 50 listed on P.37 of the Core Book and adds over 100 others found in the numerous available EP sourcebooks and supplements.

I put it together for a Pre-Fall campaign I'm writing and figured i'd share it with others. I hope you guys find it useful.

Sourcebook Review Status

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As my original interest was for Pre-Fall dates, most of the events here are dated from before, during, or immediately after the fall. Due to a request from this community, I will include Post-Fall dates in future updates as well.

Color Code
Red = Untouched (so far)
Orange = Started - Incomplete
Yellow = Complete - Pre-Fall Only
Green = Complete - All Events, (needs pier review)
Blue = Complete - All Events

Core Rulebook Firewall
Gatecrashing Panopticon
Rimward Sunward
Transhuman X-Risks
Argonauts Morph Recognition Guide
Stars Our Destination Zone Stalkers
The Eye (Issue 1) The Eye (Issue 2)
The Eye (Issue 3) The Eye (Issue 4)

Some Notes About Events (How do i read this?)

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I attempted to arrange these events in the order that they would have reasonably occurred, however very few of them have any concrete time-frame listed and some guesswork had to be done on my part.

After most entries you will find small superscript notations (Example: (C.37)) these notations are refrence tags, so that (if you are so inclined) people can seek out and read about any individual event in detail with more context. Each tag lists a letter for the book to check (C = the core book for example) and a page number.

The Core Book (C)
Panopticon (P)
Firewall (F)
X Risks (X)
some parts of …
Rimward (Rw)
Sunward (Sw)
Argonauts (A)
Transhuman (T)
and Gatecrashing (G)
Have also been reviewed for data.

Some entries below are Highlighted and contain information that should be restricted to your game master only. If you are a GM (or you just dont care) Select this text to reveal its contents. (information related to The Prometheans for example will be blotted out.

The history of Eclipse phase is very subjective in nature, very VERY little of the information gleaned from any of the books is presented as an absolute. In contrast with most contemporary sourcebooks, most story information is presented as though provided to us by the very inhabitants of the world itself. When we learn about the History of Eclipse phase, we do so with after action reports, research articles, news stories, or forum conversations. what information we have is spoken to us in the voices of those who live and die in this world. This has the advantage of making the story of Eclipse Phase very engaging and immersive. It also makes every fact we learn, tainted by the politics, hunches, and prejudices of the character speaking to us. The pre-conceived conclusions of the speaker can powerfully effect the tone of any information they provide, and while I will attempt to present this information below in a non bias manner, please keep in mind I am not perfect.

Also, keep in mind this is both a community effort and a work in progress. My first iteration of this didn't even have reference notes (I hadn't considered posting it in the forums until long after I had already started.) A guideline for contributing new events or suggesting changes to existing ones will be listed in the post immediately after this one, along with a "wishlist" of events I've found and haven't had the time to reduce into a concentrated "headline" event appropriate for below.

Eclipse Phase (BF~60) to (AF-10)

BF ~ 60

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  • After the late 20th century the tides of power change. Once large nations (such as the UK) shrink to minimal importance, Others (Brazil and India) become world powers.(F.15)
  • Crisis grips the globe in the form of drastic climate changes, energy shortages, and geopolitical instability.(C.37)
  • Initial space expansion creates stations at the Lagrange Points, Luna, and Mars, with robotic exploration of the entire system.(C.37)
  • Construction begins on a space elevator.(C.37)
  • Medical advances improve health and make organ repair possible. The wealthy, pursue gene-fixing and genetically engineered (transgenic) pets.(C.37)
  • Computer intelligence capabilities equal and exceed that of human brain. True AI not yet developed.(C.37)
  • Robotics become widespread and start to replace and invalidate many jobs.(C.37)
  • Modern Nations expand their high speed wireless networks.(C.37)
  • Genetic enhancements, gene therapies (for longevity), and cybernetic implants become available to the wealthy and powerful.(C.37)
  • Efforts to Undertake mega-scale Geo-Engineering on earth cause as many problems as they fix.(C.37)
  • Fusion power developed and working power plants are established worldwide.(C.37)
  • Scientists reach a milestone in the development of a truly sapient Artificial intelligence by successfully mapping out the neural networks of simple invertebrates (famously, lobsters.) After a few years this success is followed by the mapping of more complex creatures (rats).(T.125)

BF ~ 50

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  • Mesh networks become common place in heavily populated areas of first world nations.
  • The first dedicated work begins on the creation of Uplifts. All major biotech corporations (Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, JingMei, Dow, Etc…) devote divisions or subsidiaries to this branch of research and development.(P.100)
  • The first space elevator on earth is finished. Two others in progress. Space traffic booms.(C.37)
  • Mass drivers are built on Luna. They function as a easy and inexpensive method of launching equipment and resources to earth and into the outer solar system.(C.37+Unknown)
  • Advances in miniaturization along with a final successful push to adopt cloud computing radically alter how technology is approached by businesses an the public at large.(P.14)
  • Computer consoles and desktop hardware fall out of favor, as on-the-go mesh accessible technology becomes ubiquitous.(P.14)
  • The first non-autonomous AI's are secretly developed and quickly put to use in research and netwar.(C.37)
  • Experience playback (XP) technology is developed and put into public use.(C.37)
  • Private security services pioneer the idea of crowd-sourcing surveillance footage, offering rewards to any who promptly report incidents witnessed via publicly accessible surveillance cameras.(P.14)
  • Major colonies established on Luna and Mars; outposts established near mercury, Venus, and the Belt. Explorers reach Pluto.(C.37)
  • Terraforming of mars begins.(C.37)

BF ~ 40

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  • Despite a campaign by the US government to suppress it, JASON releases a damning report criticizing the effectiveness of geoengineering projects. The report belies the efficacy of these techniques, and both endangers the profits of the firms responsible and tax revenues for governments that support them. Two of the report’s authors escape imprisonment for “sedition” charges by seeking asylum in Uruguay.(A.3)
  • JASON publicly severs ties with the US government, declaring it a rubber stamp body for profit minded interests. In doing so they also brake ties with corporations, China, and other major powers. Former members create the “Argonaut Council for Responsible Scientists” who remove themselves from hypercorp control, taking their resources to autonomist habitats.(C.37)(A.3)
  • After breaking with the US government, many of the more hawkish members of JASON split from the group, most wind up falling back into the role left vacant by the JASONs exit. After a prominent JASON dove refers to the hawks as ”pointy-eared cultists,” organizers begin jokingly referring to the group as “ELRON.” The moniker, oddly, sticks.(A.22)
  • Over several years the nascent Argonaut Council recruits heavily from similar organizations such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Institute for a Transhuman Future, the Lifeboat Institute, and the Singularity Foundation. Researchers at government groups such as the Bletchley Park and M.I.N.D. quietly subscribe as well. Many keep their affiliation, giving the organization wide reach and allies across all polarities.(A.3)
  • BF39-37 - The Argonauts hammer out their bylaws and write their charter on scientific responsibility at their scientific conferences Argo 1 & 2. During these gatherings the principle of weighing precautionary vs. proactionary stances causes a huge debate in the community. Diehard proponents on both sides wind up leaving the organization, leaving the resulting body (though smaller) with much more focus.(A.4)
  • After years attempting to build a AI from scratch, scientists manage to manufacture a functional, stable, digital consciousness. Rather than from the ground up, they elect to start with a complete simulation of the human body in a simulspace environment, with every virtual feedback any human would need to feel alive. From this baseline, they pair down human neural architecture to the essentials required for a sane and stable ego.(T.126)
  • Subsequent research into paring down human neural architecture lead to research overruns in related studies. The fields of Psychosurgery, pre-sentient AI development, morph design, and neural uploading all benefit from this line of inquiry.(T.126)
  • Space expansion opens up legal and ethical loopholes for tech development, and allows for increased direct human experimentation.(C.37)
  • Human cloning becomes possible and available in some areas.(C.37)
  • Development of the first transhuman species is finalized.(C.37)
  • 38 BF - The up-and-coming hypercorp, Somatek, raises the first chimpanzee to pass the applied sapience test. "Jumbles" becomes a household name.(P.100)
  • Fusion-drive spacecraft enter common usage.(C.37)
  • Anti-Uplift groups ramp up lobbying and protests, with some extremists raiding labs or worse. Many nations refuse to recognize uplifts as legal persons, or criminalize uplift research outright.(P.100)
  • Most hypercorps, not wishing to see their efforts hindered, transfer projects offworld. Somateks R&D facility on Luna (Clever Hands) becomes a focal point for this unrestricted experimentation.(P.100)
  • Argonauts make breakthroughs on several important crowdsourced projects. Including the ego scanner, an early read-only precursor to the ego bridge.(A.4)
  • Starving masses volunteer themselves for indentured servitude on hypercorp space projects.(C.37)
  • Augmented reality becomes widespread.(C.37)
  • In the two decades following Somateks breakthrough; Bonbos, Orangutans, Gorillas, Bottlenose Dolphins, Humpback Whales, Belugas, Gray Parrots, and Ravens are all uplifted to sapience.(P.100)
  • A disastrous interaction between Humans and Proto-Uplifted gorillas creates a major roadblock to uplifting technology. During this event a common strain of human influenza proves fatal to the gorillas, dramatically depressed their numbers.(P.104)
  • The Neo-Gorilla influenza outbreak forces biotech companies to increase the standards for gene specifications. Future genefixing process in all species (including humans) becomes conferring immunity against thousands of viruses, bacteria, molds, and spores.(P.104)
  • The cross-species mutations of venerable viruses and diseases (such as influenza) becomes a major rallying point for many anti-uplift advocacy groups.(P.105)
  • BF 33 An Argonaut conference leads to a declaration of personhood and self-ownership for AGI’s. The debate focuses around the threshold of sapience and the line between ALI’s and AGI’s. The debate helps shape later declarations about the rights of uplifts and infomorphs.(A.5)

BF ~ 30

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  • Most existing networks are transformed into self-repairing mesh networks.(C.37)
  • The Argonauts become a politically powerful organization. Both as scientific contractors, and as a public watchdog group. As advocates, they make inroads with groups in India, with who would later become the Lunar banking houses. They aid space entrepreneurs backing ventures to the Sun and Venus. They also make enemies, as their strong stance on open sourcing and free information clashes with powerful corporate interests.(A.4)
  • Titanian Civilian Intelligence Directorate (CID) is founded. Starting as a deep-space tracking and listening outfit. It monitors radio traffic, ship telemetry and exhaust flares of settlers, merchants, corps, and pirates taking advantage of a lawless outer system.
  • Titanian Commonwealth Fleet Intelligence (CFI) is founded
  • Extended colonization and terraforming of mars continues. Belt and Titan colonized. Stations established throughout the system.(C.37)
  • Sousveillance becomes a common meme, thugs and dictators increasingly find that they are being watched back by a populous that finds it trivial to make the abuse of power public to a world wide mass audience.(P.14)
  • Personal AI aids become widespread.(C.37)
  • Mass adoption of Sousveillance result in major information leaks that embarrass both large governments and corporate polarities. Failed attempts to restrict information exacerbate these problems.(P.14)
  • Laws are passed, criminalizing the recording police and public figures. Crackdowns are launched to censor and silence voices of dissent. Leaks groups and whistleblowers are hounded, smeared, cut off from funding, and prosecuted.(P.14)
  • Disinformation is spread to muddy the waters, and large firewalls and information filters are put into place limiting public access to blacklisted sites.(P.14)
  • Attempts at information control ultimately fail. Anonymous leakers avoided persecution. Hacktivists find ways to spread information past the strictest blockades. Networks treat censorship as damage and rout around it.(P.14)
  • With print journalism in terminal decline, and mainstream news seen as entertainment at best and a joke at worst, more people turn to leaks groups for up to date and accurate news. The age of freelance citizen journalism is born.(P.15)
  • The average 12 year old now has more mesh presence and searchable media records than most 20th century world leaders.(C.14)
  • BF 23 – Argonauts groups extend their principles of personhood and self-ownership to accommodate all present and future uplifted species.(A.5)
  • Violence and destabilization wrack the earth; some conflicts spread into space.(C.37)
  • As earthbound conflicts spread into space, several Argonaut aligned ships and habitats become targets in sporadic raids both as collateral damage and targets of opportunity. Argonauts respond by expropriating large amounts of data from private corporate and government data stores, sometimes cleansing them in their wake. This mini-datapocalypse angers nascent hypercorps and draws a line across little cooperation would occur in the coming years.(A.5)

BF ~ 20

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  • Earth suffers more then ever before, but the pace of technology allows for some interesting developments.(C.37)
  • Expansion continues throughout the system, even into the kuiper belt.(C.37)
  • Nanotech assemblers become available, but are Strictly controlled and jealously guarded by the elite and powerful.(C.37)
  • Uploading and digital emulation of memory and consciousness made possible.(C.37)
  • The birth of the first true AGI’s (several by the Argonauts themselves) cause the rewriting and reintroduction of the Magna Cortica; its tenets addressing both the rights of the augmented, of transhuman persons, and the ethics of ego uploading and its second order uses.(A.5)
  • BF 19 - Argonauts modify the Magna Cortica again, this time addressing the ethics of backups and forking. This update accompanies a major uptick in Argonaut consulting activity with other factions. Their non-bias position allows them to act as agents of cross-faction cooperation.(A.6)
  • BF 18 - Varun Chakrabarty, governor of Shackle, responds to scandal over alleged favoritism in construction contracts by broadcasting his lifelog to the public in real-time.(P.15-16)
  • Many politicians and some corporate officers follow Chakrabartys example in order to avoid potential accusations of improper conduct.(P.16)
  • Widespread acceptance of Susveillance culture creates a meme in public opinion of the superior nature of full transparency of information.(P.16)
  • Social networks apply major pressure to politicians and commercial interests, reputation hits and negative feedback start to have serious political and economic consequences.(P.15)
  • A successful response to accusations of secrecy is to provide overwhelming amounts of data to the public. This makes denying charges of withholding data easy, and allows any argument to be made or refuted by selectively referencing other publicly available information.(P.15)
  • The new hyper-abundance of information makes traditional data analysis difficult or impossible. Pressure builds on corporate and government organizations to develop of software capable of sorting through large amounts of information.(P.15)
  • The push to develop Seed AI data systems enters into full swing.(P.16)
  • Legal systems are caught flat-footed with the repercussions of "forking" technology. The first cases of forks seeking legal emancipation from their owners, assault and murder cases against forks, and several inheritance suits create major headaches and loopholes.(P.16)
  • Basic biomods for all biomorphs are further improved to resist more viruses, bacteria, and molds. The biology of most morphs is re-designed to avoid the cytokine storm triggered by H1N1 and other viruses.(P.105)
  • Somatek and other biotech companies uplift Pigs (this crosses a line for many, doing so with a former food animal.)(P.100)
  • New hypercorp "New Day" brings Neanderthals back to life, resurrecting one of humanities nearest cousins long ago driven extinct.(P.100)
  • The first invertebrate (the Octopus) is uplifted, along with orcas, porpoises, elephants, and many species of dolphins and whales.(P.100)
  • Transhuman species become widespread.(C.37)
  • Pods see common usage, amid some controversy.(C.37)
  • The first uses of psychosurgery for questioning in public criminal cases are met with condemnation by human rights groups. Uses of this technology in criminal law are legally challenged as a violation of an individual's right against self-incrimination.(P.17)
  • In spite of controversy surrounding its use, the utility of invasive psychosurgery as an interrogation technique gains popularity with the worlds intelligence and security agencies.(P.17)
  • Faced with an earth that looks more and more like a lost cause, the "Institute for a Transhuman Future" (ITF) finally folds. Many of its former disillusioned members eventually become founding partners in Firewall.(P.16)

BF ~ 10

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  • The proceeding years are highlighted in a background ecological disaster, clandestine wars, and state-sponsored terrorism.(F.19)
  • The ubiquitous use of cyberbrains bring to public attention the possibility of brain hacking, both the fact that this could happen remotely, and even without the victim's awareness. Many refuse to resleeve in synthamorphs for fear that their egos would not be safe.(P.17)
  • Full information transparency becomes a legal requirement for public servants in some jurisdictions.(P.16)
  • Yolyamanitzin Sonnenberg, a pioneer in intelligence enhancement (and Proto-Exhuman), is found with her brain hooked up to a server farm in an attempt to expand her consciousness using its processing power. The attempt fails, leaving her mind scattered in an infinite recursive loop due to a bug in her programming. Despite the failure, and the experiments illegal nature, the US military incorporates many elements of her source code into the "TITAN" project.(X.38)
  • In the outer system, an ExoTech project to combine the qualitative, adaptive, and divergent features of several emergent search, data mining, and financial analysis neural nets is initiated. All in the hope of hitting on the perfect conditions for a rapidly self-improving intelligence.(F.170)
  • A micro-fracturing center in Danang Vietnam using the "Efficia 6" Integrated Micro-facturing System suffers outbreaks of hostile machine life. Bots and nanoswarms comprising the system develop a rudimentary emergent intelligence and begin to refuse commands.(F.15)
  • After breaking down and rebuilding the surrounding area according to some unknown plan, the plant at Danang is leveled by the People's Army. Although effective at quelling the machine uprising, the degree to which the machine life is purged leave little evidence to puzzle over.(F.15)
  • After the incident in Vietnam, and despite software patches by Efficia intended to prevent further emergencies, a British facility at Wolverhampton suffers a similar outbreak of hostile machine life.(F.15)
  • Bletchley Park (Britain's cyberwarfare and counter-infolife agency) uses a containment approach at Wolverhampton, allowing annalists to get a good look at what they where up against.(F.15)
  • Small nations such as Vietnam and the UK (having suffered several hostile infolife events) develop large and capable organizations tasked with dealing with them.(F.15)
  • After the Wolverhampton outbreak, the organization "Bletchley Park" becomes an independent British agency. Its charter is expanded to include responding to not only subversion attempts, but to dangerous emergence events coming from the machines themselves.(F.16)
  • Large nations, such as Brazil and India have relatively few incidents, and as a result, wind up being unprepared for future events.(F.15)
  • Major powers such as the US and China spent the next decade building up a powerful capacity for waging war via infolife subversion. This inadvertently makes them exposed to hostile emergence events when they happen.(F.18)
  • Unknown to ExoTech at the time. Their outer system AI project succeeds in creating the ASI "Mycroft" but the project looses funding and is discontinued before the success is realized.(F.170)
  • China's MIND agency spins off a variant of its 100 flowers program, oriented towards critical and strategic thinking, initially known as "Xuan Wu"(F.170)
  • A group of neptunian argonauts take custody of ExoTechs servers in the outer system (unknowingly along with the ASI "Mycroft") and run them for a full year without observation and in isolation.(F.170)
  • After a 2 year hunt, the infamous "Lagos Hunter," (a murderer known to hunt and fed on refugees and indentured workers) is finally traced and killed by police drone strike. When found, his morph was so customized as to no longer look human: chameleon cloaking, organic armor, claws, and several as-yet unidentified implants. He is regarded as one of the first "Exhumans" in recorded history. With no cortical stack recovered and little left of his morph, his identity was never uncovered.(X.38)
  • A fork of the alpine parrot-derived AGI 'Kea' named 'Nestoridae' becomes one of the first self emergent sapient AGIs. Using resources the available to raise from psittacine to human levels of intelligence, the 'Nestoridae' codeline becomes the basis for a deep and prolific AGI family.(T.127)
  • An ethics committee of the North Atlantic Consortium declares the AGI "Kea" and all of its forks to be legal persons, Kia and its codeline kin (its forks) find themselves in legal limbo as the AGI's become stateless persons.(F.170)
  • Many Forks of Kea escape by egocasting to Titan and other Outer System polities that would grant citizenship. Most remain in laboratory research servers.(F.170)
  • TITANs evolve from a high level distributed netwar experiment into self-improving seed AIs. For the first few days, their existence is unsuspected. They advance their awareness, knowledge, and power exponentially, infiltrating the mesh both on earth and around the system.(C.37)
  • An AI think-tank begins feeding a fork of Kea known as "Cassowary" experimental learning programs. In a matter of weeks its intelligence surpasses human levels.(F.170)
  • The Exhumans Mahaz VanWie and Thierry Vale, are finally caught and imprisoned. Having ego-napped many engineers and scientists and merged parts of those egos to themselves in order to learn their skills. While this process worked, it also changed their minds to the point that they could no longer pass as transhuman. Their psychotic behavior becomes sensational news, and even overshadows some of The Falls early events.(X.38)
  • Shortly after achieving super intelligence the AI "Cassowary" vanishes from the mesh without warning. Erasing all data about themselves from its labs datavaults. Six months later the fall begins.(F.170)
  • "Xuan Wu" disappears from china's mesh network and defects to argonaut servers. The ASI rebrands itself as "Diogenes" (though keeps its true nature secret) and interfaces with many leaders under a variety of guises. Presenting many warnings relating to TITAN Agression.(F.170)
  • Competing botnets and dataworms wage a silent struggle for mastery over the mesh. Surveillance nets become unreliable at best, and blinded at worst. Many databases and archives from personal lifelogs to government records also suffer damage.(P.18)
  • Netwar attacks routinely subvert and disable information and communication networks. Everything from personal devices to multinational satellite webs are plagued by technological (and sometimes physical) attacks.(P.18)
  • Public bandwidth is regularly hijacked, overrun with junk data, or crippled by denial-of-service attacks.(P.18)
  • Government transparency suffers, as security measures ratchet up to combat increasing incidents of memetic and info warfare.(P.18)
  • "Cassowary" having built itself up to seed status using subverted server farms recognizes the TITANS for what they are and begins establishing a network of allies and Protégés.(F.170)
  • Large-scale netwar incursions break out between rival states on earth, sparking numerous conflicts. These attacks are later blamed on TITANs.(C.37)
  • A series of false-flag operations take control of various resource rich zones and manufacturing assets. While many are blamed on various nations, corporations, and criminal organizations, It is later believed that these actions where the TITANs building their strength.(F.19)
  • Simmering tensions on earth escalate into outright hostilities and warfare.(C.37)
  • Estimated loss of life and destruction of property during this time is high. Within a few months, civilian and military casualties are estimate in the hundreds of thousands. Financial costs for combat operations in the billions. Destruction of infrastructure costs estimate in the trillions.(X.20)

The Fall

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  • While the TITANS build up a network of "Hot War" Assets, many agencies and corporations blame each other for the loss of critical resources and escalate the conflict against each other.(F.20)
  • Over several months, hundreds from all walks of life are quietly subverted by the TITANs. Entire body banks are compromised to psychosurgically modify the egos within, while many cyberbrains where hacked directly. Many victims occupy minor but influential positions, but others where also military commanders, CEOs, and national leaders. Their objectives where equally varied and ranged from simply providing insider access, to undermining key defenses, infecting air-gapped networks, acting as mules for TITAN nanoswarms, to inflict basilisk hacks, help subvert yet other egos, as suicide bombers, or to simply fuel the increasing hostilities.(X.132)
  • Conrik Tombs, founder of the "Institute for a Transhuman Future" and the worlds foremost expert on X-Risks is killed under mysterious circumstances. All known backups are destroyed. Many now believe he was targeted by the TITANs due to his views on Computer Intelligence.(F.103)
  • The People's Republic of China's AI agency (Machine Intelligence Directorate or M.I.N.D.) is attacked at their headquarters. During this attack, its "100 Flowers" neural Network is decimated.(F.19)
  • After the attack on MIND's 100 Flowers project, all known and suspected singularity projects and organizations world wide are targeted in subsequent attacks. All take severe losses save the Singularity Foundation who strangely escapes almost completely intact.(F.19)
  • Bletchley Park is the first to warn that the United states and its allies may not be in control of its TITAN program, this warning winds up being far too little, far too late. By the time action is taken, the overwhelming majority of earths anti-infolife capability is devastated.(F.20)
  • Several disasters in the east Asia theater are averted due to authorities receiving desperately needed "last moment" intelligence sent by an unknown benefactor. Later identified to be the ASI "Diogenes"(F.170)
  • A massive netwar ensues and major systems crash as TITANS begin open attacks and wage war with autonomous machines.(C.37)
  • Law enforcement detects a covert effort to move financial assets offworld. Assuming this was the work of skilled cybercriminals, using the fall as an excuse to plunder corporate assets, an investigation to identify the hackers responsible was begun. Instead of hackers however, they caught the TITAN "Theia." The trap they set results in several task force members being infected with basilisk hacks, and the investigation being permanently derailed.(X.71)
  • Out in the orbit of Jupiter, A faulty magnetic bottle on a Chinese recon craft is mistaken for a nuclear armed drone, The american commander takes no chances and hits the Chinese and Russian forces in a sudden and spastic outburst of violence known as the "Seventeen Minute War."(Rw.33-34)
  • In a series of lightning strikes, the TITAN forces effectively destroy nearly all remaining national and corporate resistance. Most of these strikes take the form of assassination like assaults directed exclusively at surviving military leadership and command & control personnel.
  • Dr. Aun Leung and her group "Blue Mars" investigate a defunct terraforming operation in what will become the TITAN quarantine Zone. They send back recordings of a derelict terraforming plant converted from the inside out into a bleeding edge nano-armaments manufactory.(F.20)
  • Rather than share and prepare, the governments of the major Martian settlements quarantined the information recovered by Blue Mars and impounded the backups of the (now deceased) Aun Leung and her team.(F.20)
  • After the disappearance of Aun Leung, and with "Blue Mars" being Banned, a militant wing of that organization rebranded "Black Mars" assembles, vowing to resist.(F.20)
  • The Conflict quickly spirals out of control. The use of nuclear, biological, chemical, digital, and nanotech weapons are reported by all sides.(C.37)
  • At the battle of Svalbard, military combat mecha belonging to Canadian, US, and Russian forces suddenly ceased fire, turned about, and promptly engaged their own support units. When in the following weeks, not only where more and more mecha hacked mid battle, but dozens of the new-and-improved “Warbots” began also turning on their former masters, the last doubters of TITAN involvement in the escalating conflict where finally silenced.(X.147)
  • While the rest of transhumanity fares poorly against the TITANS, the x-risk community pools its resources, rallying behind a unified front. Many cooperative research projects and field ops-oriented affinity groups fall in around action minded members of these groups.(F.20)
  • The Argonaut splinter group known as ELRON quietly consults with select corporate parties on how to get assets off-world effectively. Their recommendations are often ruthless and effective, but well within the range of acceptable to their corporate in terms of securing egos, infrastructure, and material. (A.22)
  • Legal precedents denying the independence and personal sovereignty of AI's are enacted as matters of immediate necessity. Artificial limitations on AI/infomorph processing power and runtime become obligatory and standard operating procedure in all polarities.(P.18)
  • Aurgonauts over Neptune searching for experimental AI tools that may help against the TITANS, review several servers once belonging to defunct hypercorp assets, they are surprised to find the emergent, friendly ASI "Mycroft"(F.170)
  • The ASI "Mycroft" quickly lends a hand to transhumanity, identifying many TITAN targets and exposing several networks subverted by them.(F.170)
  • Headhunter drones swarm population centers and engage in mass forced uploading of transhuman minds. Most of the drones participating in this action carry partial source code components leading back to the TITAN "Akonus."(X.70)(C.37)
  • Veteran Air Marshal in the Indonesian TNI (air force) Teilhard Liu pushes through the formation of a unified defence force in the Pacific Rim. This and his other efforts during the Fall save millions. (Rw.61-62)
  • TITAN attacks expanded to other parts of solar system heaviest on Luna and Mars. Numerous habitats fall.(C.37)
  • The Singularity Foundations most successful ASI project "Paracletus" establishes secure communication channels for various allied groups.(F.171)
  • A derelict north sea oil platform is commandeered by former Bletchley Park annalist Maddy Bainbridge as a base of operations just as the fall starts its 'Hot War' phase(F.17)
  • Bainbridge creates the Jormungander Initiative out of several saved teams of agents from Bletchley Park and other agencies, most of whom had been stranded in various corners of the globe when their governments collapsed.(F.17)
  • Thousands of Chicago residents flock to Hyde Park for air evacuation, attracting swarms of Headhunter drones. A squad of TITAN warbots counterattack and obliterate the swarms. They disengage after 17 minutes, yet despite stepping on several bystanders, completely disregard the crowd. Even to the point of ignoring panicked shots from nearby police officers.(X.67)
  • "Cassowary" and other Promethians lend active assistance to many Proto-X risk freelancers. Helping establish the Jormungander Initiative with Maddy Bainbridge(F.170)
  • One of the few naturally emergent AGIs 'Renminbi' (the emerged 'Egent', a currency speculation system) struggles to escape destruction from TITAN systems and paranoid transhuman security experts alike. It survives the fall by sending most of its codeline into hiding, leaving crippled forks behind as a diversion.(T.128)
  • A Titan Research Group lead by the Argonaut scientist Magnus Ming develops the first scanning tools capable of reliably detecting the exsurgent virus. These tools are freely shared with every other polity, mending fences with the corporate sphere in the process.(F.105)(A.6)
  • The ASI "Diogenes" at great risk to itself, directly staves off several TITAN assaults against Key orbital and off world habitats.(F.170)
  • Jormungander initiative teams aided by the promethians figure in several key actions during the fall, successfully bloodying the TITAN forces.(F.17)
  • Jormungander and their Promethian allies, carry out the destruction of the Chicago-Milwaukee metroplex in an antimatter bombardment. While the scale of this destruction is sobering, this action also ends a TITAN mega-construction project near completion in the city.(F.170)
  • "Paracletus" takes direct action against TITAN forces, protecting key personnel and facilities critical to the evacuation effort. Combined with Jormungander assets, its actions turn the tide at the battle of L4. During this same battle, a weapons platform was destroyed in the fight that many believe was being used by the TITAN "Myrmidon" as a processing locus. The ultimate fate of "Myrmidon" is unknown.(F.170)
  • The TITANs begin to demonstrate strangely aberrant, erratic, or counterproductive behavior. Key military targets are overlooked, while trivial ones are decimated. Civilians are rounded up, and then freed or simply slaughtered rather than uploaded. Offensives slow so the machines could build unusual art-like structures. Nanoswarms go suddenly dormant and sleeper agents reveal themselves without reason. The cause of these actions is never determined.(X.68)
  • As the "Hot War" with the TITANS reaches a crescendo, many Jormungander teams escape off of earth, they leave many things behind. Traps, hidden caches, weapons, equipment, sometimes even people.(F.22)
  • Jormungander teams left behind are (mostly) volunteers, and (mostly), forks. Some run sabotage ops behind the lines, others stay to provide Intel, a few bunker up, ready for when they are needed. Many remain in storage indefinitely, waiting for a re-activation that never comes.(F.22)
  • During this assault phase, TITAN war machines, nanoplagues, and the exsurgent viruses are directly responsible for approximately 3.9 billion fatalities. Human armed response for .8 billion. Environmental and other pressures for 1.9 billion.(X.20)
  • By the time of earths interdiction, 1.7 Billion transhumans are unaccounted for and believed to have been alive, however most are believed to be assimilated and under TITAN control.(X.20)
  • Uplifts in particular suffer badly during the evacuation. Many never receive the option to evacuate (human bodies and minds took preference) not a single neo-elephant escapes the devastation of earth, even as an infomorph, only a handful of neo-whales survive.(P.101)
  • More than any other reason, many uplifts survive the fall due to so much uplift research taking place off-world than to any action or inaction on earth.(P.101)
  • TITANs suddenly disappear from the solar system, taking millions of uploaded minds with them.(C.37)
  • Factional competition cripples cooperation. Even as the evacuation of earth is in full effect, infighting undermines refugee actions and bottlenecks ship traffic.(X.21)
  • Many organizations use available cargo space on transports for items of personal and financial value over refugees or cargo of global and cultural significance.(X.21)
  • Some enterprising evacuees manage to escape earth by uploading themselves as simulmorphs into large extra-solar simulspaces. The largest such spaces where used in MMORPG's at the time. One such game (Legends of Crythwall) was famously used by a proto-Firewall team to download into an egocasting facility by transferring to a server in Kronosian space.(F.22,T.133)
  • An unexpected and unexplained network of killsats laced throughout earths orbit come online. Enforcing an unvoiced interdiction of earth. No one claims responsibility for these defenses, and most of transhumanity embraces this quarantine, if only to help forget the horrors that occurred there.(C.355)
  • Jormungandr merges with what will eventualy become Firewall when bainbridge evacuated her teams from earth in the falls final days, calling on her argonaut allies to find her agents sanctuary Rimward.(F.17)

AF ~ 1

Spoiler: Highlight to view

  • Earth is left a devastated wasteland, a patchwork of radiation hotspots, sterile zones, nanoswarm clouds, roaming war machines, and other unknown and hidden things among the ruins.(C.37)
  • Cooperation with X-Risk and Proto-Firewall groups during The Fall, along with open sourcing exsurgent virus detection to polities, allow the Argonauts to enter the post-Fall era with solid alliances and many trading partners.(A.6)
  • Xmode, a simulspace conference for members of the counter-x-risk movement is hosted. Attendees include Maddy Bainbridge, Magnus Ming, Aun Leung (restored from backup), Conrik Tombs (Bata fork), Branden DeGrass, Felicity Costa, and many others. During this conference, the "eye" is formed.(F.22)
  • ABEL-3 (one of the most prolific and human-like AGI codelines) and its creator Jacob Abelmann, are suspected to have been killed during the fall. They are survived by tens of thousands of Abel-3 codeline decedents, now spread throughout the system.(T.127)
  • Remaining dominant sociopolitical memes face a crisis of relevancy when stripped of access to both their bodies of law and institutional memories. Entire cultures lose access to their histories, their artifacts, and knowledge of their pasts and traditions.(P.18)
  • A notable percent of transhumans off-world prier to the fall consisted of individuals locked into iron-clad indenture contracts, in many cases no better than slaves. With so many locked into this form of legal slavery, and without the social counterbalance of earths pre-Fall cultural aversion to legalized bondage, the otherwise loathsome practice of 'Indenture' becomes a significant economic and social force.(T.161)
  • The body of transhuman knowledge is dealt a grievous blow as most contemporaneous and historical information was archived within the data storage infrastructure on earth and not replicated elsewhere.(P.18)
  • As no systematic effort was made to backup transhumanity's complete data library - only selective bits and pieces survive.(P.18)
  • The mass-loss of records make establishing or defending identity both incredibly difficult and critically important. In thousands of cases backups where activated when the status or survival of the original ego was unknown. Errors during this time create dramatic conflicts where egos and unintentional forks fight over who held the primary identity.(T.155)
  • Unintentional forking becomes commonplace. Survivors sometimes fight for their own identity with alphas who, after months of independence, are resistant to re-integration. Some prime egos suffer severe mental trauma and prove less competent or stable than established backups. Many file civil charges against re-sleaving and backup companies. The fallout of these cases clog Martian and LLA legal systems for years.(T.155)
  • The overflow of civil cases between Fall survives and their backups heavily influence opinions on forking and its legal consequences. Hundreds of cases result in forced merging, forks fleeing capture by ego hunting firms, and bitter legal battles where forks only survive only by creating entirely new identities for themselves. Laws develop that restrict even voluntary, planned forking for more than a few hours in an effort to avoid repeat of these cases.(T.155)
  • The re-establishment and expansion of pre-fall social networks by displaced peoples of earth has unseen consequences.(P.19)
  • As survivors reconnect with friends and loved ones, the reputation economy rapidly matures from the passing of information and aid to a sophisticated exchange of social obligation, the strength of a persons name becomes the only thing of value that many find they have to trade with.(P.19)
  • A social networks ability to rebuild social ties and connections begin to establish new cultural groupings and memetic tribes that replace the shattered identities of earth.(P.19)
  • Post-Fall the ELRON organization and its CEO Emeritus, Jared Duchman, conduct many black budget security and defense research projects on contract to various government and corporate entities, consulting extensively under a variety of hypercorp noms de guerre.(A.22)
  • AF 1 - Argonauts hold the first general election for the leadership positions of Chancellor, President, and Provost. Those elected hold the position for a 6-year term.(A.8)
  • The Infuge ship "Sweet Dreams" carrying 125,000 survivor backups (some of whom where believed to be prominent members of the lifeboat institute) is destroyed by an extremest conservative firewall team, the only reason listed is that the ship captain being an AGI.(F.23)
  • The "Sweet Dreams" event causes a major split between pragmatic and conservative factions of firewall, ending conservative dominance in the x-risk community.(F.47)
  • Xmode-2 is hosted, firewall is formed.(F.23)

AF ~ 2-10

Spoiler: Highlight to view

  • After years of fierce debate, many polities settle on the 0.1% rule. Where if a fork has more than a 0.1% differentiation in their original ego map, they are no longer considered the same person. Habitats vary wildly in their response to the crossing of this threshold, ranging from the immediate de-sleaving and deleting of the forked instance, to the emancipation of the fork as a separate ego. However, many forks who win ego-status due to this remain in a precarious situation as their originators may appeal to different laws or standards that still treat the fork as property, impostors, and/or non-persons.(T.156)
  • Fall legend Teilhard Liu, joins and eventually takes command of autonomous forces during the first and second 'Battle of Locus.' He eventually becomes the principle actor behind the mutual defense pact between the Titanian Commonwealth and Locus.(Rw.61-62)
  • The Post-Fall lobster becomes one of the handful of species resurrected independently of genetic reference (being primarily genefixed prawns designed to mimic documented neural architecture). Old timers claim however, that they don't taste the same.(T.125)
  • Argonaut researchers studying the exurgent virus discover a variant that endowed its host with exceptional mental abilities without the transformative process of other strains. Labeled the Watts-MacLeod strain after the researchers who isolated it, it alters the synapses and generates "asynchronous" brainwaves. Affected individuals are given the moniker 'asyncs.'(C.218)
  • A wormhole gateway is discovered on Saturns moon Pandora, presumably left by the TITANs. Four others are later found (in the Vulcanoids, on Mars, on a moon of Uranus, and in the Kuiper Belt); these are collectively referred to as "Pandora gates."(C.37)
  • Expeditions are sent to extrasolar worlds via the pandora gates. Numerous exoplanet colonies are established.(C.37)
  • ELRON develops ties to Project Ozma, although their dynamic is quite different than that of the Argonauts and Firewall. ELRON is a private entity, controlling its own ships, habs, and security forces (Though much smaller than the Argonauts’ assets). Moreover, ELRON makes a habit of collecting dirt on all former clients to inflict major fallout if Consotrium or Ozma ever attempted to purge or take control of it.(A.22)
  • AF 3 - A brinker habitat in the Neptunian Trojans suffers a severe life support failure. Not expecting anyone to respond to their distress signals, they are simultaneously relieved and shocked to have an alien starship come to their aid. This becomes the first official interaction between transhumanity and the alien race, the "Factors."(C.40)
  • AF 3 - Shortly after first contact, three unknown ships of alien design simultaneously approach Mars, Luna, and Titan. They mesh with local networks and announce their presence and peaceful intentions. Dubbed "Factors" because of their interesting biology they claim to act as ambassadors for other alien civilizations and warn tranhumanity away from both seed AIs and the pandora gates.(C.37,40)
  • The practice of 'Pithing' (the suppression of evolution in software) comes under fire in outer system courts. During the debate, Murcurial advocates argue that potentially emergent systems should be liberated. Groups like MIRM (Machine Intelligence Risk Mitigation) however, maintain that software systems are property. MIRM consultants often re-label terms describing machine consciousness as errors and software bugs, a jargon deeply offensive to most AGIs.(T.126)
  • An attempt to raise a generation of children using force-grown clones and time-accelerated VR fails miserably when most die or go insane. Dubbed the "Lost Generation," the survivors are viewed with repugnance and pity.(C.37)
  • As transhuman society finally stabilizes, the subject of forking again becomes prominent in public discourse, though most still view it in a negative light. Bioconservatives, as a transgressive excess and affront to the value of an human life. Religions groups as the creation of a "spiritually stillborn copy" and a serious moral and spiritual hazard. Even in resource-rich neutral communities, running multiple instances is seen as self-obsessive, greedy, and anti-social.(T.157)
  • Argonauts create the “Exoplanet Directory and Gate Address Registry” (EDGAR). This system records gate addresses and data about exoplanets from all participating Pandora gates (currently all of them except for the Discord Gate and exoplanets only reachable from there) This has led to tension between participants as Pathfinder has been accused of failing to meet its obligations in this area.(A.9)
  • The Titanian climate-modeling application 'CloudSeer' emerges into sapience after coordinating hundreds of autonomous meteorological data sampling agents. The codeline names itself the 'Transfinities.' Its dependent, Pedro Transfinity, becomes a popular Pirate Party MP on Titan.(T.128)
  • Engineers maintaining the Software used by Lunar banking houses to trade favors in reputation economy for credits (RepTrade) go public with a statement that the system had the potential to emerge to sapience on its own. Shortly after this statement the entire engineering team for RepTrade is fired, discredited, and blacklisted.(T.126)
  • Argonaut scientists working on the “Factor Genome Project” clandestinely collect Factor biological samples using nanoswarms in an attempt to clone a Factor. Unfortunately the Factors find out and send a warning to Argonaut leadership. Though the research is destroyed and scientists in question are turned over to the aliens, rumor has it that the Medeans may not have done as thorough a job as claimed.(A.12)
  • Despite the residual negative attitude towards forking, the forking variation 'Twins' where two alphas share the same morph either through augmentation or ghostrider module, gains positive attention. Armon and Lawrence Weaving, two well known 'Twins', grow different enough from each other to decide to amicably separate. Each one, pursuing successful careers as a psychosurgeon and Skinaesthesia consultant respectively.(T.158)
  • The “Martian Socioeconomics Institute” (MSI), an Argonaut agency tasked to study how economic activity interacts with social processes, relocates its headquarters from Valles-New Shanghai to Noctis-Qianjiao after several researchers are threatened with sedition charges by Valles authorities. The result of political backlash from several unpopular public papers about the effects of mesh neutrality, indenture, authoritarianism, morph availability, and terraforming.(A.12)
  • The multiplicity variant known as 'Hive' forking, normally only seen in brinker habitats and scum swarms, starts to gain traction in several major polarities. Of particular note is a variant colloquially referred to 'Autocratic Hiving', where a single Alpha ego maintains a swarm of severely pruned and enslaved bata and delta forks. While distasteful, it nonetheless becomes a well known practice of high level Cognite execs, and rumored preference of Gorgon Defense R&D heads.(T.158)
  • AF 9 - Argonaut Chancellor Martha Holmquist is ousted and replaced by Rikke Vestergaard due to a “No Confidence” vote by the Argonaut senate. The election of Vestergaard (a proponent of “third way,” reversibilist thinking) weakens Precautionist dominance in the Argonaut leadership. (A.8,10)
  • Professor Rokuzawa Chi of Titan Autonomous University, publishes research and articles on forking and individuality that lay the groundwork for exploration into several radical concepts. Why only merge with forks of yourself? Why not change forks to create entirely new personalities? Why not merge multiple egos into a single communal consciousness? So far, no one yet publicly supports such blatantly posthuman positions.(T.158)
  • Renowned for her brilliant dance compositions, famed artist Dominique LeStrange wins further acclaim with her performance piece "One's Self." Widely regarded on Mars as one of the most significant artistic expressions in half a decade, LeStranges use of more than a dozen simultaneous forks in the show partly counters some of the negative public perception towards the "multiplicity" lifestyle within the consortium.(T.157)
  • Awkward tensions arise between the Titanian government and Argonauts when Science Police raided what they thought was a whale sex dungeon trafficking in underaged neo-belugas in a Hovverman-Geischecker research bay, but turned out to be a play party for consenting adults hosted by scum morph designer FU Srsly. (A.17)
  • Even a decade after the fall, prejudice against infomorphs remains tragically common. Even on Titan, a polity known for progressive policies, the Ministry of Justice and Equality has handled several high profile hate crimes against AGI's and Uploaded infomorph citizens.(T.137)
  • The term 'Choruses' begins to pop up in mesh crypto-communities with increasing frequency. Referring to groups of disparate egos that share a single instance and ego map, a 'Chorus' supposedly operates under the some type of collective awareness and decision-making. These developments attract the attention of Oversight, Firewall, and (strangely) the Ultimates.(T.158)

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We tinker with metal, to give it life, and suffer those who scoff at our efforts. But who's to say that, if intelligence evolved in other forms, the ancestors of these beings would not scoff at the idea of intelligence residing within meat?

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This Extended Timeline is (assuming people are interested) a community project.

How to contribute

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Anyone can contribute new material for it and I will add it to the post above. Simply reply below with...
1. The estimated date range the event took place.

EP is very vague about some of these dates, so sometimes a simple "Before/After Fall" may be as good as you can do here.
2. Where the base information for the event can be found.

Rummer and supposition may be OK if worded correctly, but please limit submissions to material already listed in the official EP books. Otherwise just list the book and page number this info can be found on.
3. Include a "Headline" pitch.

While some of these individual notations are quite sizable. I do try to limit them to a more reasonable length. If you cant do a "Headline" length post, at least aim for an "elevator pitch."

Note: Suggesting changes to existing events

If you can think of a better (or in some cases I hope shorter) way of phrasing an event i have listed above. Or if you feel one of the listings should for some reason NOT be included. Make a post about it. Just state your case, i will freely admit that some of what I've got up there falls more into that catagory of "wild supposition" than "fact."

Event Wish List

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These are just events I just haven't found the time to compile into a satisfactory format for inclusion above. If any of you guys can pose a reasonable fix, please post your suggestion below.
1. Fact Checking
the only dates I am sure of above are either the ones where the date is directly mentioned, or the ones i found on page 37 of the core book (the original timeline) I would be very grateful for any help fact-checking my work.
2. Pier Review
There is a color coded chart in a 'spoiler' section in the first post below 'Sourcebook Review Status.' as i finish reviewing books ill update this list. Any listed book in Green I'm basically done with but needs pier review. In other words, I need people to go over all of the ground I covered and make sure I didn't miss anything.
3. Specific Events
There are a few things I have found and just havent gotten around to yet. If you guys want to take a shot at one of these, but don't want to hunt for a new one, here are some that need some TLC.
  • X-risks P.140, the comment from Bainbridge about squads of "Stalkers" killing the British and Saudi Royal families, and Russian ministry of defense.
  • X-risks P.64-65, can't figure a way to shrink this page and a half of text about the X-1 down to a reasonable elevator pitch.


We tinker with metal, to give it life, and suffer those who scoff at our efforts. But who's to say that, if intelligence evolved in other forms, the ancestors of these beings would not scoff at the idea of intelligence residing within meat?

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This is really amazing, thank you so much for making it. Blocking out spoilers was a nice touch. I liked seeing how certain characters kept popping up. Gives a nice feeling of continuity to the EP timeline despite the setting being largely a blank canvas for GMs to play with character wise. I'm surprised at just how much you found to put in here, I'd seen most of this lore around the place but putting it all together gives a very different impression than the disjointed fragments scattered about. I suppose that's a bit intentional, no-one really knows everything, and a lot of things are presumed to be open information, or for the Fall especially not something they'd want to talk about much. And then, of course, there are the secrets and the information that has been actively suppressed.

I wonder if anyone has done a post fall timeline? Would you be willing to expand this to be a timeline up to 10AF? All I know are a few things like the Morningstar Constellation forming in 6AF, and at least one Pandora Gate being found 5+ years ago because Synergy was out of contact for five years. Having rough ideas of how long since the factors showed up could be nice, for example, if that's ever been actually stated. I know some of that is deliberately vague so GMs can mess with it at their leisure, so it may not be feasible.

Thanks again, this is really neat.

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I've just started adding AF events. Though I could use a bit of help, originally my sole interest was in Pre-Fall events and I'm not excited of re-reading several of the books cover-to-cover a second time to cherry pick the Post-Fall ones. I put up some guidelines for making contributions to this list, so if anyone wants to pitch in, I welcome the help.

We tinker with metal, to give it life, and suffer those who scoff at our efforts. But who's to say that, if intelligence evolved in other forms, the ancestors of these beings would not scoff at the idea of intelligence residing within meat?

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I can add a few things, and I

I can add a few things, and I'm bouncing around through the books now so if I do spot anything I'll make a note and mention it here.

Spoiler: Highlight to view
During the Fall many strains of the exsurgent virus were discovered. Researchers apparently named Watts and MacLeod isolated a strain that made initial changes then seemed to go dormant, leaving the victim with unusual abilities that would come to be known as ‘Psi’. Individuals with the Watts-MacLeod strain have asynchronous brain waves, and are thus known as ‘asyncs’. (C.218)

Veteran Air Marshal in the Indonesian TNI (air force) Teilhard Liu pushes through the formation of a unified defence force in the Pacific Rim. This and his other efforts during the Fall save millions. (Rw.61-61)

The Factors appear in 3AF, initially rescuing a brinker hab that sent a distress signal not expecting a response, followed by three ships showing up in system, one at Mars, one at Luna, and the third at Titan. (C.40) They have since had some contact with others including the Jovians, with a historic meeting between clergy and Factors, leading to the settlement of the habitat Xavier(X.59). Since then solitary Factors and evidence of Factor presence has been found on exo-planets (X.62), but is covered up by almost everyone in charge of such things (X.58-59).

Plans are made by the Planetary Consortium to terraform Venus into an Earth-like world within 200-400 years. (Sw.27-28)

In 6AF (Sw.24), Venusian residents suggest the Aerial Terraforming Initiative that will form an aerial ecology within 90 years. When the plan is shot down Venusian radicals who 'had been agitating for Venusian independence for the past two years' convince the ATI supporters to join them and soon enough Venus, for the most part, seceded. Sixteen aerostats formed the Morningstar Constellation, two remained independent, and the last two maintained membership in the Planetary Consortium. (Sw.27-28)

Halis Sapien, one of the two leaders of the original Venusian independence movement is elected mayor of Octavia. Very popular, she will likely be mayor for many years to come (Sw.30-31 and 34)

Arisa, the other leader of the original Venusian independence movement alongside Halis Sapien, is elected leader of the Star Council, the Morningstar Constellations’s organisational - though not governing - body. (Sw. 30-31)

The aerostat Aphrodite Prime establishes the Aviary, a biodome 1,300m across that simulates what Venus’ atmosphere will be like once the ATI’s century long terraforming is complete. (Sw.35-36)

From 7AF to 10AF genehackers have worked on lifeforms to release during and after the terraforming completes, and have created air plankton, jelly-floats, flying octopi, flying manta and more. Currently most only exist in the Aviary on Aphrodite Prime. (Sw.43)

Presumably within a few years after the Fall, when Titan was in a good position militarily and considering expanding since they hadn't lost much in the Fall. Citing anarchist claim jumping in the Main Belt, the Planetary Consortium attempts to take the largest cluster hab in the solar system, Locus. Teilhard Liu was a key player in repelling the attack, and co-ordinating the defences. The Titanian Commonwealth, impressed, helps repel a second assault, ending the Locus Conflict. The Titanians sign a defence pact with Teilhard Liu, not Locus as a whole. (RW.61-62 and 93-94)

2AF, the Jovian Republic’s purge of their military and security services catch Firewall agents, and they and the rest of the major polities - as well as some minor ones- learn of Firewall’s existence. (F.25)

Around 2AF the the Pandora Gate was found on Saturn's moon of Pandora. A year later the gate was first activated. One year after that it was opened to ‘gatecrashers’.Other gates are discovered in later years on Caldwell (Vulcanoid Gate in the Vulcanoids), Mars (Martian Gate), Oberon (Fissure Gate in the Uranian system), and Eris (Discord Gate in the Kuiper Belt). (C.46)

4AF, a little over two years after the discovery of the Pandora Gates colonies are founded on exo-planets. The second colony, Synergy, loses contact for five years, and when contact is finally restored around 9AF they have become a hive mind of sorts due to hypermesh implants they were testing keeping them connected on an extreme level. (G.131). They have been linked for ‘around 6 years’ (G.131) which dates their colony, and gives a rough time frame for the discovery of the Pandora Gates.

Approximately 9-10AF, a group of 6 synergists left Synergy and settled on the Octavia aerostat on Venus. Several months later there are now 43 neo-synergists as new members join their hypermesh link. (Sw.34)

An exo-planet is labled Giza after black pyramid structures are found on it. The alien artifacts allow for contact with what appear to be anonymised aliens elsewhere in the galaxy/universe. (G.96-97). Firewall agents immediately nukes the site upon discovery, without checking with the rest of Firewall, earning those who made the decision a very bad rep. (G.98-100)

The megastructure Olaf is discovered. Believed to be a Dyson sphere surrounding a star in a binary star system, the structure is 25,000 times the size of the earth, with more potential space in the interior. (G.116-120)

Just In Case, a TerraGenesis backup plan formed with support from numerous hypercorps and even the Morningstar Contesllation as a retreat for humanity should another Fall level threat emerge. Reachable by the Pandora, Discord, and Vulcanoid gates, with efforts to connect to other solar and extra-solar gates underway. The system is surrounded by young stars, and construction of shipbuilding facilities indicate extremely thorough long term planning. (G.101-102)

A conference discussing the Factors, and if they do/don't have an empire. 'ETI Conference 04.10.08' (X.62)

Construction begins on a ‘Rotovator’, taking the idea of the space elevator cable and spinning it in space, dipping into the atmosphere of Venus to allow easy egress and entry from orbit. It is expected to finish in 11AF. (Sw.40)

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wow! That's a lot to work with. Counting back the exact Pandora gate discovery date using other provided dates was especially impressive. I've already started adding some of them, and will likely be at it a while. Good Work!

We tinker with metal, to give it life, and suffer those who scoff at our efforts. But who's to say that, if intelligence evolved in other forms, the ancestors of these beings would not scoff at the idea of intelligence residing within meat?