Exsurgent Roll

My players tonight decided that the Basilisk Hack should properly be renamed the Exsurgent Roll in honor of this.

As the one who got zapped put it, 'never, ever, gonna give you up.'

The Fnords The Fnords's picture
Exsurgent in memetic form

It's a clear sign of over-exposure to the Exsurgent virus that I recognise the original link. This begs the question: What happens if the Exsurgent virus enters a memetic form? What if the Exsurgent virus learns about (sorry for this) the game?

The Doctor The Doctor's picture
As Batou once said...

"Oh, my ghost."

This plays strangely into an adventure that I've been writing for my players.

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Transhumanity and Exsurgent

Transhumanity and Exsurgent "Together, forever..."

Next on "End of the Week, End of the World"... Rick Astley!

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I take it this was a point of reference?
RobBoyle RobBoyle's picture
Yeah, and a similar thing was

Yeah, and a similar thing was used in Macleod's _Cassini Division_.