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Expanded chase rules maybe?

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Expanded chase rules maybe?
I'm trying to come up with better chase rules than "roll once and see what happens", and I've been hitting a roadblock. While the already present rule is ok for simple, non-important things, it can't really work well when the entire encounter centers around the chase. I mean, you wouldn't have combat resolved with a single roll, so why any other action sequence? If you all want I can share my notes on how this could work.
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Welll, could borrow some rule
Welll, could borrow some rule from other games. In Diaspora, they way they handle positional combat is to set a line of zones, usually 7 nodes long, and then both sides roll their navigational skill (Here in EP that might be Freerunning or Pilot: Watercraft or whatever). The two nodes on the end cost double to enter, and it costs triple to go "off-map". The insight is two-fold: the winner can move *either* sides token, because it's purely a relative setup.So that the faster pursuer might "pull" their target's pawn closer to them, or the faster evader might try to "push" their pursuer off the edge of the map, removing them from the encounter. This can be really neat if there are more than two players on this board, say two competing spy agencies trying to chase the same target. Do they focus on getting to the guy first, or do they focus on messing up the other spy team? Link to Diaspora SD, chapter Space Combat, Section "The Map" : http://www.vsca.ca/Diaspora/diaspora-srd.html#id9
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