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Exceptional Aptitude

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Exceptional Aptitude
Please help me clarify this, for the sake of my character spreadsheet. The interpretation of the trait I had been using (likely inaccurate, and I'm away from book right now) was that the ego has a natural aptitude maximum of 30, that could be extended to 40 for one aptitude with the trait. Aptitudes are then further capped by morph, so one requires a Remade morph to really benefit from Exceptional Aptitude. I don't know where I got the idea of the Ego having an innate maximum, but I swear I read it somewhere. This doesn't jive well with the stated examples, either. An alternate interpretation (more likely correct) that had been posed to me is that the trait simply increases the current morph's maximum. However, that doesn't quite make sense with the stated examples either, as they would imply that for example Exceptional Aptitude has no effect if one is in a Remade morph. How exactly is this trait supposed to work?
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Re: Exceptional Aptitude

I think, but not having checked the book I might be completely wrong, that the exceptional aptitude is a ego trait that lets you surpass the limits on one aptitude on your morph. Hardcap is still 40.