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Exalted + Eclipse Phase

[Working title?]

What's up, guys? :)

Okay, the word of introduction: my two most favorite RPGs are Exalted and Eclipse Phase. I know, I know, they are totally different (Exalted being mechanics heavy mythical fantasy and EP being lightweight transhumanism sci-fi), but they are. Yesterday night I had a little revelation - why not do a mashup of these two? I know that mechanics of Exalted is copyrighted (EP's technically too, but it's CC-licensed, so it's totally different story), so I decided to use the core mechanics of EP and add charms in style of Exalted. I do not have any mechanics just yet, but I do have a short, one-page introduction to the setting. There it goes:


Earth, or Gaia, as it was called in the first two eras, was a beautiful place. All the mortals, so beloved by her kind spirit, could live and thrive on her in comfort. Of course, there were wars, hunger, and injustice, especially since all the gods and their Chosen Ones fell asleep, but there were also periods of peace, prosperity and social and scientific progress. All in all, it wasn’t that bad.

When Gaia was sleeping, though, Autochton, the Great Maker was dying piece by piece in Elsewhere. Finally, the great machine Primordial gave up and has died, and with him his prototypical, mechanical Exalted. Autochton became the Engine of Destruction and fell into the Labyrinth in the Underworld, separated from the Earth and other planets in the solar system.

Once Neverborn, the Engine started to plot against transhumanity. He looked at the most powerful computers that the race created, the TITANs, and infected them with his blasphemous computer virus, the Exsurgent. With the help of other Neverborn and their unholy magic, the virus was meant not only to corrupt the machines, but also bodies and souls of mortals.

What followed was the greatest genocide in the history of mankind. More than 9 in 10 persons were killed, and the mass destruction of land and people transformed the whole Earth in one big Shadowland. The planet was abandoned and left in quarantine. It is uninhabited to this day, 10 years after the Fall. Some wonder if so huge spiritual damage will ever be reverted.

But even in the deepest darkness, the light of hope shines still. The metaphysical energy of the Fall was so enormous, that the Exaltations were awakened. Now, after millennia of being locked away from the world, the Exalted have returned. In the corona of the Sun, orichalcum temples shine in the hot plasma, where Solars worship Sol Invictus. Luna was terraformed into a giant jungle, where wild transgenetic animals and Lunars alike roar the ground, waters, and skies. On Mercury, Venus, Mars, and moons of Jupiter and Saturn gates to Ju-Shan were created by esoteric Sidereals, who now try to shape the destiny of transhumanity again. And, of course, recessive genes were activated, resulting in the reappearance of the Dragon-Blooded.

Then, there are mysterious Pandora Gates, created in times immemorial. They lead to other solar systems and exoplanets. While transhumans are excited to visit worlds behind them, they are not safe. Excluding various environmental factors, there are two special areas of danger - Shadowlands left from the fallen civilizations and more common planets inhabited by demons of Yozi, exiled from the solar system at the beginning of time. Now, with the activity that goes around the Gates, not only transhumans can gen influenced by defeated Primordials, but their souls can also go into our homeworlds.

It’s up to newly awoken Exalted to face the dangers of Fall, reestablish transhuman outpost on Earth, fight Neverborn and Yozi and unite divided transhumanity. Will they stand strong and conquer their foes, or will they fall altogether with transhumanity? Their strife will be what defines the Fourth Era of man.


Please tell me what do you think :)

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I'm not very familiar with

I'm not very familiar with Exalted, but the standard questions when mixing EP with fiction with special people in it is present. If exalted are special through some property of their body, then what happens when that body is cloned or the property is added to others?

If its something special about the mind, then what happens if you fork an exalted? Or extending it a little, what happens if that special trait is isolated and psychosurgically added to other people?

I suspect that the answers here will really change the exalted part of the mash up, but like i said, I'm not really familiar with it.

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Being honest, I didn't think

Being honest, I didn't think about folking Exalted yet, I will have to :) I was thinking that exaltation is a part of mind/ego that cannot be active in more than one folk at once because some spiritual reason, but as I said, I'm still in a process of inventing things :)

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You should be remember

You should be remember Exalted has got supernatural elements and that means characters believe in the existence of soul and afterlife. Each humanoid body had got her own soul. This is very important.

And magic or supernatural powers could be used againts TITANs' machines. Let's imagine wraiths trying take revenge againts robots who killed them.

Could you create a gelatinous cube to attack a creeper femtoswarn?

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Unlike Mass Effect and

Unlike Mass Effect and Eclipse Phase, which could be easily meshed together due to the future setting, and basic sci-fi tropes being present, Exalted-EclipsePhase mash up doesn't create a coherent world. Eclipse Phase dies or lives by it setting. Your version would have to be really, really far from the original to work, so far I guess that someone would call it a plagiarism instead of fanfiction. Overall it feels forced and disjointed.

So overall I encourage you to create a setting or system INSPIRED by both Exalted and EP. A offspring I would call it. What you presented feels like a sewn together Frankenstein.
Maybe start with smaller scope. Perhaps one culture solar system with posibility of expanding it with invention of FTL travel.
You could write a book about it or create a webcomic set in your world, carefully building and joining together motives and tropes from both EP and Exalted. The result COULD BE great, but straight up fusion IMO is a bad idea.

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I'll point to the Shards of

I'll point to the Shards of the Exalted Dream supplement as an example of how well these settings actually can mesh, both Gunstar Autochthon and *Can't remember name of other Space Opera setting they introduce in that book* are really good about this.