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Evolutionary leap in EX-virus

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Evolutionary leap in EX-virus
[Negative feedback protocol] :::Multiple sequence quantum encryption engaged::: [Mesh-Node pacified] I'm writing this to you all because I do not know what the future may hold. For myself, as an Oversight Interdiction Major, or as a people. This may very well change transhumanity as we currently know it. I woke up this morning in a common grave of dead vegetation. You see, I garden as a hobby, in my own habitat. It's nice, and it brings me back to fonder memories, before the Fall and all its atrocity. Lily's, Fern, I even managed to snag a cherry orchard, with Earthen soil. Quite the garden. I roused myself at 0830 Lunar Standard Time to the quiet feeling of death, my alarm chiming its sweet embrace. I've never felt so panicked. Immediately I signaled security and dropped to full immersion VR in my safe room, accelerating my own time to watch my camera feeds. No one and nothing even came close to my habitat. Not even a puff of space dust. This is where it gets weird. I sent out the standard kill code to cease any kind of Direct Action response from further invading my privacy and snooped around. As I was holding one of my special chrysanthemums I got to thinking. I remember first coming by the little orange and white bulb, how it looked, how it smelled. As I thought further, the little gray and brown lump bloomed alive right in my hands, right before my very eyes. What the FUCK IS HAPPENING TO ME!?!?!? Since then I've resurrected the ENTIRE GARDEN, a total of 103 plants across 35 species! I've checked and rechecked myself for any sign of Exsurgent infection and come up negative, thrice over. I've checked for hacks, YGBM default moniker, memory editing, EVERYTHING! I've flashed my muse, ghosted every drive in the habitat and on my shuttle and rechecked with a fresh start. STILL NOTHING! God please, someone out there help me...I'm starting to hear voices... [Transmission ends] :::Encryption spooling neutralized::: [Mesh ID protocols jammed]
"And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes. And slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us."
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Have you tested your
Have you tested your brainwave frequency lately? We highly recommend that. May the higher entity of your choice have mercy on you.