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Eve's Time Café

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Eve's Time Café
The Eve's Time Café is a discrete place located on Extropia, in a little street away from the commercial boulvard. its raison d'être is quite simple, blending together transhumans or natural and artificial ascents. All have to be treated as equal within the property or be kicked out. No difference can be made between Ego, AGI, AI or even Muse, that's the prime rule of the Eve's Time. To that purpose, a signal is sent in the local mesh that switch off the ID tags in the AR interface of the patrons There, all can be themselves, and together, if they wish to be, without worrying of what others are. the manager opens arms to human/artificial couples and offers them support, sometimes even a place where they can stay together. To preserve intimacy and privacy, once the door is closed, it remains so from the inside for 15 minutes, unless life threatening emmergency occurs Needless to say, several factions would like nothing more but erase this café from existence. Hypercorps, off course, and the Jovian Junta, but surprisingly, even the Mercurials, who find such place hypocrite at best, and fraudulent at worst. Still, a number of regular customers come and go to the Eve's Time Café for its friendly atmosphere and the best coffee blend aviable since the Fall (inspired by Eve No Jikan, an anime mini-series in six episodes)
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