European Amazon & Eclipse Phase books

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European Amazon & Eclipse Phase books

I'm in Italy and I've noticed something odd happening with and other European Amazon (e.g
Most of EP books (Gatecrashing, Sunward, Rimward) are presented with an image displaying your Posthuman logo....but in the description the publisher is still 'Sandstorm'.
What do they sell?

IS it safe to buy there?
I would like to avoid older versions of Sunward, etc. with no corrected errata.
But, off course, it is impossible to ask these questions in Amazon.

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Sandstorm was our publishing

Sandstorm was our publishing partner for a year or two when we parted ways with Catalyst. They handled our marketing and distribution, which is why they were listed. We parted ways with them years ago. Unfortunately, changing info on Amazon is ... difficult, to say the least.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios