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Euroan Invasion Game

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Euroan Invasion Game
Hey, so I'm finally pulling the trigger on a campaign idea that's been a pet project of mine for a while now. It's a game where the players are resistance fighters on Europa after a Jovian invasion of the planet. The game will start in April of AF 10. In March of AF 10, the Jovian Republic struck Europa in a surprise attack. It was initiated when commando teams took control of all but one of the elevators that was capable of transferring people to the surface. At the same time, the Space Force Fleet moved into orbit around Europa beginning to interdict all traffic in and out of the moon. Ground forces soon landed and took control of all of the surface facilities. After a day and a half the final elevator was take by Junta forces. After four days passed, the fleet began placing a satellite net in orbit around the moon. Dubbed the “Static Curtain” these satellites were capable of corrupting all radio and and neutrino signals to and from Europa. Laser communications continued to function, but their limited utility as they required the device to be both on the surface, and within line of sight of the target. In the previous month, Junta forces have begun grasping at control of the below the surface habitats. They have gained full control of roughly half of the habitats that rested at the top of the icy crust and connected to the surface, and have partial control of each of the remaining ones. Only the most remote of underwater habitats maintain full control. I've created an In Character document to sum up the changes since the Jovian Junta has taken control. [URL=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wtDxqdl0IwPSMdpjit-D0Y-Cg03Z1jUtAWjj... here.[/URL] Let me know what you guys think. Any feedback and suggestions would be very helpful.
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static curtain while an
static curtain while an accurate description lacks gravitas, How about Iron Curtain instead?
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Well I was hoping to evoke
Well I was hoping to evoke the iron curtain without it being quite so on the nose.
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How can you interfere with
How can you interfere with Neutrinos emissions?
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MrWigggles wrote:How can you
MrWigggles wrote:
How can you interfere with Neutrinos emissions?
You force them to take a desition: Be positive or negative. For your campaign I think there are a few more details that need explanation, for example: What motives(excuse) have the jovian republic to invade Europa? This is important to define the political objectives of the military campaign, and they can go from actual things that happened(archduke Fernindand in Serbia) to completly made up things(WMD in Irak), the point is, that this will say what you can do or can't do politically; and this is key, anything direct from the jovian republic will require the autonomist alliance to be distracted, weak or very diplomatically contained, so if you go for a total extermination of Europa population you will get an unilateral, fast and deadly response from everyone in the system, if you use your claims to achieve cooperation of the Europa goverment then the autonomist alliance can't say shit about what you do since is Europas bussiness how they run themselves. See? Huge ass difference, and thats without asking if their objectives is stablishing a puppet state, annexation or simply making a statement by taking control of Europa for a short while and then leaving. Next point, that is also derived from the last because really, stablishing motives and objectives is essential in any military campaign, ROE and tactics. Without entering the strategic layer, whats stopping the republic from using nukes on the resistance? As far as you told the jovian republic has achieved orbital and ground supremacy, that means that unless they somehow suffer the vietnam problems(borders with "neutral" country, support role for the south vietnamese goverment although was quite heavy support, heavy support from adversary superpowers...) they can just avoid troubles through the use of biological, nuclear or chemical weapons(I guess nanotechnology is forbidden here because jovians) on major resistance points, or even isolate them easily by cuttiing their supply lanes to any industry that provides them with materials(cornucopias can't help you produce complex objects and even the cornucopias need processed minerals) and then siegue the facilities, since those instalations are under constant erosion by the sea the siegue could simply last hours or days. Then, will the European resistance fight conventionally or in guerrilla style? Since the jovians have the upperhand it depends actually on what the jovians have and are capable of using, so they decide what strategy the resistance can use until the resistance can gaing some foothold. If you want something "weird" here, take ISIS as an example; ISIS is an hybrid force of guerrilla and conventional organizations, capable of easily swiching from one or the other, so they have the advantage of both, thats also why, in part, their "territory" looks like a cofee taint on the map. At, for the last, you need to define the capabilities of the jovian republic and their doctrines, at least superficially. This is also very important, their capabilities will say what can the field, can they equip every frontline soldier with a batllesuit? Can they attack any resistance pocket in less than 30-60 minutes? Can they deploy submarine equipment in sufficient quantiities to achieve submarine supremacy? Can they use heavy weapons in submarine installations? and their doctrines tell them if they should do it or not and how, and defiine their capabilities but also stem from their capabilities, for example; how many jovian soldiers form a fireteam and how many fireteams form a squad? And how should such fireteams be composed? What should we have more, squads to fight off fast ambush attacks, or squads to fight heavily entreched positions?