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EP2e Railgun Question

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EP2e Railgun Question
I'm a little confused as to the 2e rules for railguns. The Kinetic Weapons Chart indicates railguns receive a x1.5 bonus to range and and X2 to Firing Modes. What does the x2 to Firing Modes actually mean? Do railguns receive double the BF/AF bonuses, have double the ammo capacity, do double the listed damage and/or something else entirely? Also, besides range, what are the advantages of a railgun sniper rifle? The sniper rifle already has the armor piercing benefit. Does the railgun sniper rifle ignore armor or reduce it further? Thanks.
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The table wasn't laid out
The table wasn't laid out clearly. I posed the question to Sprite directly. The 1.5 is range. The 2x is for ammo capacity (since you don't need to carry propellant). As for AP I'd think it would be about the same, as I think there should only be one pass at halving the armor. The prime benefit for a sniper would be the extra distance.
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Thanks. Railguns don't seem
Thanks. Railguns don't seem as impressive in 2e.
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To be fair, in 1st ed they
To be fair, in 1st ed they were also quite unimpressive as well, due to lack in versatility and the system being so abstract and with so many ways to sneak upon the enemy. It's the "infinity Syndrome": the tool is good in itself, but is not used because there are better tools ^^U