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Ael Wyn wrote:Thanks for the

Ael Wyn wrote:
Thanks for the responses!

Urthdigger wrote:

It's defined in one of the playtest pdfs that a superior result wins against a higher roll...

Actually, you don't need that rule. Anyone who rolls higher and still succeeds is going to, by definition, also have a superior result, if the person rolling lower has a superior result. If the person rolling lower rolls above 33, then the person rolling higher will also roll above 33. You might want to include the rule anyway, because having the rule is easier than explaining this to people who want to know what happens if someone rolls a superior result on an opposed roll.

What you do need is clarification:
Do superior successes count in opposed tests? (i.e., can you get a +10 on your next roll with a superior roll in an opposed test?)
Do superior fails count in opposed tests?
If two people roll a superior success (or a superior fail) in an opposed test, do they cancel each other out?
If the higher roller gets two superior successes and the lower roller gets one superior success, do you treat it as one superior success for the higher roller?

But if this is clarified in the core book, I don't think it needs to be clarified in the QuickStart. There's usually going to be at least one person at the table (the GM) who has read the core book.

Ah derp, I was thinking mainly of how the crits override a higher roll.

As far as superior successes in opposed rolls go: as I understand it, the superior results DO take effect for whoever wins. The other person getting a superior success doesn't cancel it out. That all said, there's one caveat at the end of the paragraph worth paying attention to: "GMs make the final call on when/how to apply superior results." It is entirely in the DM's right to say that a given scenario doesn't allow for a superior success/failure, or to only allow certain options for a superior success.

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So it does...

eaton wrote:
-20 for running, +30 for full auto

Ah, I missed the part about full auto.