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EP Tech in the news

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EP Tech in the news
In this months IEEE bulletin: "'Brainprint' Biometric ID hits 100% accuracy" Some highlights. They claim that it is 100%, and all other security are at best 97%. ??? Hackers could use a long-distance photo of someone's hand to make good-enough artificial fingerprints. The brainprint works by flashing a specific set of images at you & reading brain response. The brain response 'password' can be 'reset' by using a different image set. How to hack sounds like Clockwork Orange. Show the hacker the images, and flash light into their eye at the exact right time, training the new pattern. "The awesome part of this - the crazy science-fiction part - is to see if the attitude of the hacker changes to be more like" the hackee. (Not 100% sure, but I think this is more General than OT since it might be useful in-game)
How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine?
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that is pretty neat but I
that is pretty neat but I would not rate it at 100%. peoples response to images and the like can change over time