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I was thinking of a way to enhance the eclipse phase forums. To build the forum (+ accounts) strongly upon buddypress. The idea was based on all the other social nets in the game from i-Rep to @-Rep, etc, and I thought why not actually have an EPNet, noted as EP-Rep? Okay, I know this would take work and time so I can see where the hold up would be, esp. since getting product released after some delays in publishers, or could even be very low on the ranking of priorities, but it was just a thought. I'm a half way decent web programmer and if this is something that would be ideal I could work on building a basis to work around already themed to the website in my spare time. Or I could help out in some other way. Anyway, love the setting and if any help is needed if I can help I am willing to aid pro bono as I am capable. Nathan W.
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Re: ep-Rep
There's some discussion along similar lines in [url=http://www.eclipsephase.com/eclipsephase-forum-rep-and-account-factions]... thread[/url].
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