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EP Package Character Generator

Hi all...

I've been working on a site to generate characters quickly using the package system from Transhuman.


It's still under construction, but works well enough to show off.

Still to be completed / problems you might encounter:

  • Changes to the right side character sheet are lost if you change packages.
  • Not all of the packages have their skills coded.
  • The post-package part of chargen - spending points on morphs, traits, etc, to be added.
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I've found an additional problem:

403 Forbidden

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Weeeell... being the sneaky

Weeeell... being the sneaky snooper that I am, I may have found this: *redacted*

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Yes, the page is Down

While wrestling (fumbling) with some coding issues, I took the page offline. I'll put it back up ASAP, and note that here.


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Back on Line


My apologies for the delay, but I've finally worked out most of the kinks and am ready for you to give it a critical look. At this point, some of the wires still need to be hooked up. For example, field skills where the player has a choice are still not plugged into the Skills list on the right side. And currently, you can't buy implants, traits or items, or adjust your skills directly.

It's not a direct translation of either of the Transhuman systems, but an amalgamation of the two. It's a compromise that comes mostly from my Javascript skills.

I would be delighted if you report any bugs you find... and there are probably plenty... or offer any suggestions you might have!


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Field Skills Now Work

I love it when I wake up with the solution to a problem in my head. And so field skills now get added to the skill list as desired. Next up... optional traits and implants.

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Update - August 12th

When the page loads (or you use the New Character button), the site now selects a faction, language and name based on the place randomly selected current location.

Other factors, such as implants and traits, are being added so you can customize to your heart's content. Or you can simply make a few package choices and have a character or NPC ready to go within minutes.

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I like it!

It's an elegant and fast system for building a character. I have one request, though: Can we have an option of whether or not we use the randomized life paths? While I appreciate spontaneity, sometimes you want to make a coherent character the first time around. I tried to make a Jovian and the life path insisted he resleeved twice.

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I really dig this character

I really dig this character creator. I came up with an awesome charter using this. Thanks man!

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Turn off Life Paths

thebluespectre... done.

Meanwhile, I'm about 2/3rds of the way through adding everything out of the Morph Recognition Guide. If you need to sleeve into a Chickcharnie or a Jenkins, you're now good to go!

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Some updates.... motivations can now be selected.
Implants and Enhancements can be selected.
Morph and Ego traits are in the process of being added.
The rest of the Morphs from the Recognition Guide should be completed this week.

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Pardon the bump. Any updates to this? Several morphs are still missing, including the Hazer and Lunar Flier.

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