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EP Online
This idea occurred to me several months ago while trying to get in on an online game of EP and finding my sometimes erratic schedule simply wasn't panning out. I've been involved at the admin/mod level for several years on chat based RPGs and have been considering starting up an EP chat, which for those of you who haven't had exposure to that aspect of RPGs it is simply a persistent, text based RPG (Not like a MUSH) that is moderated and usually run by a number of GMs who provide weekly (or more frequent) public scenes. Players can RP in the downtime, do research, prepare for upcoming scenes, etc. The chat take on any game does require a few concessions and houserules to account for the 24/7 nature of the game. Further a number of character sheets, databases, dicerollers, and other basic logistics have to be worked out. On the upside it does provide a bevvy of opportunities not present in smaller scale games, and ensures you can get in on as much or as little RP as you like, even if your availability is limited. The variety of gamemasters and styles also means that you can find something that meshes with your own. I'd also like to be able to allow groups to use the site to help facilitate their own small games, which could be run separate or integrated into the main venue. Hosting, domain, wiki, getting the chat client, that is all relatively easy and I'm not worried about the small financial investment. What is needed is character sheets and a way to database them (I know we have a number of great community and fan made sheets, as well as the upcoming Singularity Generator which might work for this purpose), Gamemasters willing to setting build, run things, and help admin the site, players to play (duh!), and other foundation aspects. Anywho! Before I ramble further and discuss everything from houserules to forum choice I'd like to simply gauge community interest and if anyone would like to be involved in the project. This won't be my first rodeo, but it is a large enough undertaking that doing it solo is difficult and time consuming.
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I would like it
I would like it
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I'd be interested as well;
I'd be interested as well; and I know several of my non-forumgoing friends would be too
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EP Online
Great Minds Think Alike I guess BlueJean. I'm fairly new to Eclipse Phase having run acrossed it on DriveThruRPG. I've been looking for source material to improve\enhance a new Hero System campaign. (I've got a few face to face players left and numerous remote players.) I'd been thinking of maybe trying to get the campaign set up using Alternate Reality Game type concept. A website that players login to that makes it seem like they are actually part of a larger world. All the post on site would be In Character (IC) and various ads, recruiting sites, etc. As long as you started in the website it would open the windows to show you various things from the game world. I had considered letting my old face to face RP companions to full the roles of the NPC agents provocateur, informorphs, etc. So even I (as the gamesmaster) wouldn't necessarily know exactly what they were up to within the province of the game. I suppose that's what comes of having read Walter Jon Wiliams' "This is not a game", not long before I picked up EP. Now what you're talking about could be the next layer beyond THAT. Multiple simultaneous games going on in a common background. I'd definitely be interested in developing the concept further. Also as a programer of over 30 years (I'm 51 and still gaming) I'm not afraid of having to do some customization to make the software work. Do you think it might be possible to mix live RPG and online RPG? I was already looking at trying to set this up using either existing wiki software or some of the open source ARG software. Not far in my investigations yet... BTW I should mention I do have some MUD programming in my background as well as being a lower level IM on a successful MUD before I broke off to try and write a custom code base for MUD OS that never did get off the ground.
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I would like it. So are we
I would like it. So are we talking IRC rooms - since you said no not like MUSH (YEAH fellow MUSHERS!). I think this could work well! I shall play! i think the idea of a persistant EP 'verse' in a text based/sheeted universe could be interesting.
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I'm Down
I'd like to participate in something like this. My free time varies depending on what my work schedule looks like week by week, but I'm willing to help out with some admin tasks when I have the time.
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Still interested.
I'm still interested in developing something along these lines. A did a bit of research and found that there is an EP MUSH already out there. Anyone here had any experience with it? BlueJean I was also wondering why you specifically ruled out MUSH (assuming you meant all MUX etc.) as a means of implementing? My thinking, and it was still kind of fuzzy, was that you could do that to facilitate mixing online and offline gaming activities. Things taking place in the mesh or dealing with infomorphs would all be online, and if players needed to buy equipment they could do so online without having a GM present. Something like EP seems like it would benefit from a shared gaming universe since the scope of having multiple solar systems is so huge. It just seems like there should be things going on all the time that are "off-stage" from an individual player's perspective.
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how does MUSHes work, actually?
I've heard that term for years, but never quite sure what it actually is. Also have you considered making a Sim in Second Life? The 3D and network engines are already there, just have to design shapes, skins, hair and clothings for the avatars Next gen consoles, being build on AMD architechture, seem to be much easier to program, judging by the growing amount of indie games announced (especially on PS4.Sorry but I'm a bit of a Xbox One hater), it could be a nice way to reach out through an indie game and specify it is an unofficial game with CC licence, in case an official AAA(A) game was in the work
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And their whole ilk are much much simpler than Second Life or MMOs. They are predominently text based. It's a series of rooms and the methods of traveling from one to another is like a huge graph of nodes (rooms) and edges (exits between rooms). Also there are people which are self mobile and objects which can be carried by people or left in a room. Everytime you enter a room it simply shows you the room's descriptive text and that of all the top level objects you can see in the room. What's top level? Well if there's a bag full of stuff sitting in a room you might see "There is a huge cloth bag here". If you wanted to see what was IN the bag you'd have to use a command like "Inventory bag" or maybe "take bag; open bag; inventory bag". People are also top level objects and can be either Players or Non-Players (often called mobs for mobiles). Often people are distinguished because they are living, i.e. they have a heart beat. If the heart beat property is turned off then the person becomes a corpse object instead. All of the current 2D and 3D games are basically driven off of the same concepts. There are rules within the game engine for manipulating various kinds of objects. All of this used to be done with just text. Later on it graduated to "graphical MUDs". MUSHes, MOOs, MUXs, etc are all synonyms of the same class of "Multi-User Dungeon" but are destinctive for having different classes of rules. Some (MUDs) have built in rules for combat and split Immortals who are game creators and maintainers from players who enjoy the content. Others (MOOs) are more like shared worlds wherein anyone can create objects and the more experienced you get you are gradually given more types of things you can create (code or use in game code generation rules). MUSHes, are basically somewhere in between. That sums up about 700 to 800 pages of detail and glosses over many things, some of which sparked "holy wars" long before most readers here were probably born. I'm over 50 and have been playing and coding on main frames before the personal computer was really "personal" and I missed most of them because they happend before my time. You can definitely trace all of the current set of online RPGs and MMOs and FPSs back to the original MUD stuff. And MUDs were nothing more than a multi-user version of text games like Adventure, Rogue and Hack. Hopefully that gives you a bunch of background to spark your curiousity with out being too much of a "when I was a pup we had to walk to school in 3 feet of snow, up hill, both ways!". :-) Sorry it took so long to answer, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas decorations came up on my honey-dos list.
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Is this still being worked on?
I played on the EP Mush for a bit, and it was great. It worked out well, and we didn't even have much coded just yet. It's a great interface, but any kind of online realtime persistent medium would be great. So if anyone's still doing stuff, send me directions!
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EP Online
Yes, I still want to do this. I am in the process of buying a house and thing are a little crazy. I was planning on start using my local server for development. We need to get all the people what interested at various levels to come together in a round table and decide what our design goals are and we can go from there.
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I'm still interested as well.
I'm still interested as well. I think some sort of persistent world would be a huge help some of us more isolated fans of the game.
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EP Online
Ok for all those of us still interested in the initial creation stage, where should we meet? We will need some forums and a place to store design documents. My servers ( Yes I have 4 "servers", juiced up desktop units, in my house in addition to 5 user PCs.) are going to be shutdown for 2-6 weeks while I put some network infrastructure into the new house. After that I could host a MU* off of my home IP. If we got really big with 100s of users online we'd then have to find a dedicated host. Not all that hard or expensive any more. Anyone know of a good place? We could do Sourceforge if nothing else. That's what I used previously but it has been a few years. Thoughts?
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Willing Player
I usually have a bit of time, and would enjoy being a player. Count me in!
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I'm intrigued, and I know at
I'm intrigued, and I know at least two people who would probably be excited at the prospect - one might even be interested in contributing GM time. I'll pass this topic along to them.
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Here via Kassil
Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. I have some experience with MU*'s and would be willing to help with initial world creation, as well as possibly GMing (once we settle on what exactly that entails).
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I, too, wish to subscribe to
I, too, wish to subscribe to your newsletter. I've thought we needed an EP MUCK or MUSH for years, but the one I beta tested a year ago died and the only one I could find now (eclipsephase.kydance.net: 2300) was empty. Is this still going on?
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I love that we went from
I love that we went from "Something besides an MU*" to "Totally an MU*". I can help out with building and world development if we want to get this together.
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I was just thinking about
I was just thinking about this, and I made a post of Facebook about it. One of the responses suggested that we could use Roll20 as an online map, and coordinate the session using google hangout. That could work out for you guys.
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There's a Character Sheet for that
I started doing the coding for an EP character sheet for d20. Set it aside while I've been working on the character generator page, but I'll see about finishing it up. Google Hangout/Roll20 is a nice combination.
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