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EP @ GenConOz

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EP @ GenConOz
If I broke a rule putting this here, I am truly sorry. Hello! Yes! GenConOz is happening in Brisbane Australia, Sep 23rd-26th. I would like to run a series of events (linked adventures) at this year's GenConOz. If anyone would like to play, ping me. If anyone wants to GM, then likewise. Let's get some discussion happening. If anyone wants to support my endeavours, any game companies out there, any posthuman roleplaying games publishers, anyone at all, please please please throw something my way. Can't make it to the Land of Oz but still want to contribute? No probs. Ping me anyway. If you really must share your passion with everyone, then okay you can post to this thread. I would like to hear from you. Regards ken
kenkthulhu Duty Now for the Future
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Re: EP @ GenConOz
Ken you may want to send an email directly to myself, Rob, or Adam about this after we wrap up Gencon. I'd say send it now but it'd likely get lost in the shuffle as we're focused on Gencon and Sunward right now.

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