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EP Fantasy Hack

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EP Fantasy Hack
I've been working on an EP fanfic and while I was going through some ideas about where I want the story to go it occurred to me that building my own Full Metal Fantasy Hack of EP would be much better than superimposing foreign Rule Systems on each other. Right now all I have is a very rough idea on messing around with EP core rules and directing it towards a fantasy setting. This would have to do with Backgrounds, Factions, and Morphs. Starting with Morphs, such will be subsumed by the use of Hypersigils. Seven races such hypersigils will inhabit this new world I'm scratch building tentatively called Eisengard. These would be Beastmen, Halflings, Giants, Orcs, Elves, High Elves, and Dwarves. The Beastmen would be the most warlike and aggressive, the Halfings the most eldritch and wanderers, the Giants the Masterful and Kingly, the Orcs the most attuned to nature, the Elves the most attuned to the Fae energies, the High Elves the most attuned to the blessings of the Gods, and the Dwarves the builders of civilization. To start with, our Orcs would be more along the lines of William Blake's Orc rather than Tolkien Orcs. Rather than finding facsimiles among the Morph traits already found in EP, I'm thinking it'd be much more truthful and rewarding to scratch build new Morphs for each hypersigil. And, to further complicate and enrich the new world, each of these hypersigils would have race for flavor. Using Backgrounds, we would now have the ground work for such race. For now, I've only started brainstorming on the Orcs. I've named them Iardric, Irmen, Osric, Arthurian, Leoric, Goider, and Galler Orcs. Each of these would be inspired by mythology rather than real-world parallels. How backgrounds would work, as opposed to morphs, is that these would be the main source of Ego Traits and Ego bonuses. On that note, rather than the use of Ego, I would subsume it with Sigil. And finally, to express cultural complexities, we would than have Factions be subsumed with Sovereigns to indicate the cultural and political alliances the characters of the new world would subscribe to. These Sovereigns would be the main source of starting skills bonuses, gear bonuses, and wealth. With these three changes as our core, I don't think we'll need to change much of the skill system already in place in EP. Instead, what I'm brainstorming on right now and would suggest is to simply create new Field Skills and Specializations with special rules attached to them. One example of this would be Crafting. Crafting would essentially be a Field Skill of art as it's base would be a Knowledge skill. It would, however, simply be the start of the process as active skills would be needed to bring what starts as knowledge and idea into fruition. This is where Specializations would play a part. Let us say that your Art skill for Crafting is specialized for Smithing. Smithing would simply be a mere knowledge skill affording you the secrets to forging the metal. To bring forged steel to existence, one would need an associate active skill, first, to create the general form of the blade. This would be the Active skill Clubs specialized in Blacksmithing. Once the blade is made, the next stage of the process would be to use the Hardware skill field Armorer to craft the swordguard, grip, and pommel of the sword. Lastely, the Blade Skill specialized for Sharpening would then be used to edge the sword, create its point, and polish it. Therein, we now have our sword. In keeping with our fantasy setting, however, let us replace Hardware with Engineering. And there you have it, a much more complex crafting system. Each part of a tool, then, would abide of its own Qualities and when each part is built together, these qualities would becomes the tool. My other idea, also, is to use Specializations as a means to mimic Feats or Talents that pervade most fantasy rule settings. An example would be a Fray skill that has specialization for Armor training and such would come annexed with a rule that balances armor penalties. Another is Kinetic Weapons skill with Specialization for Tactical Reloading. Armor penalties and a more complex combat system is also in mind since I also want to use the Combat Rules and Weapons Tables made in Ops and Tactics. Finally, on derivative stats. I would like to replace Durability with Blood in keeping with the fantasy setting, Lucidity with Breath to use such as a resource for spellcasting, and then Rez Points will be replaced with Quintessence. Character Advancement would no longer be a normal point buy system and instead, training your skills would now depend on the facilities available and the time devoted to learning. Quintessence, instead, will be use to learn specializations with special rules and inventing new spells or items. And that is the basic draft of my idea.
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If there isn't resleeving and
If there isn't resleeving and a need to replicate a lot of EP's setting conceits I don't see why the EP rules would be a great starting place. If you're changing pretty much everything but the basic action economy and dice used, starting off with BRP might more sense, as EP is descended from that game at least in part. If you want to use Ops and Tactics rules, just hack Ops and Tactics.