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EP corebook pdf, second print

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EP corebook pdf, second print
Ok I downed the EP corebook pdf's second print and had some generally good things about it, but noted a couple things I need to point out. I was really happy to see some of my errata made it into the book. The two cases I noted where minor quibbles. One was in the introfic where I'd mentioned that in vacuum there would be no hissing sound from a cutting torch, the second was in the octomorph description where I suggested that "increased cranial capacity" was a non sequitor for the octomorph as an octopus has no cranium to begin with and "increased brain mass" would be better, and there it was in the second print. Things like this make people feel more connected to the game, and have better feelings for it. Damn, guess I have to get the GM screen now. ;) I saw a couple glitches though. I don't have the pdf on my current system now but I recall in the introfic there was a messy text block of blue letters over some text in the introfic. They seemed to be the game's title, maybe a watermark gone awry. Anyone else see this? Also, in some of the red text boxes at the bottom of some pages I saw an occasional whiter line running up the box, almost like a graphic error. One other thing: Near the begining when it was describing what a role playing game was it mentioned settings with aliens and spaceship. I think it might need to be changed to spaceships in the next run. But I really got a good feeling seeing my suggestions have a positive, if only trivially so, effect on the second print and thank the guys making EP for giving me a momentary smile.

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