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EP Core Rulebook Errata

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EP Core Rulebook Errata
As much as we try, there's always something. Please post any typos, errors, and other errata you find here. We'll make corrections in future printings and PDF updates. Thanks!

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Novacrab, page 142

"Novacrabs are ideal for hazardous work environments as well as vacworker, police, or bodyguard duties, giving their ten 2-meter long legs, massive claws, and chitinous armor."

Giving should be given. Moar as I read on. Being the freeform bastard I am, I went straight for character concepts. : )

Edit - Page 317, Smart Dust.

"When a character dumps a packet of smart dust in a room, it will cover every surface in the room within 20 minutes, including all furniture and the insides of every drawer and other space that is not airtight."

Awkward sentence, but 'other spaces that are not airtight' since at this point it's more of a list of places.

Curious, but on page 323, for BTX, since the description gives it as BTX-squared was the exponent supposed to appear on the BTX listing?

Page 303, Combined Sensor Ystems. Systems, wasn't it?

Page 330, Scavenger Tech.

They include plasma torches, laser cutters, pneumatic jaws, and smart tools like spanners and wrenches that can be adopted to a wide array of connections and fittings. [High]

Adopted should be adapted.


Page 359,

Social Engineers: Knick-named the Ministry of Disinformation, social engineers provide the scapegoating and plausible deniability that is required by Firewall and its sentinels.

-> Nick-named.

Page 372,

...allowing the exsurgent to levitate themself or other objects by creating repulsing fields.

-> To levitate themselves.

-tF, who might have to point out English isn't actually his first language.

Lorem ipsum dolore sit amet, motherfucker.

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POSSIBLE SPOIALAGERY, QUESTION FOR CREATORS The notes on the Exsurgent sorta remind me of something... Was "Pushing Ice" possibly referenced (whiff of femotech?)...
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Page 33
"Severe winters and draughts continued to pound at us." "Droughts", probably?
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Sample Characters Error
On the Socialite Escort character, it says her morph is a Pleasure Pod, but both her background (Hyperelite) and faction (Socialite) state in their descriptions that you can't start with a pod morph.
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And damnit, that restriction
And damnit, that restriction was supposed to have been removed :p

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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Page 150 - Morphing Disorder - Cost: 10 (Level 1)... - shouldn't it be a bonus? It's a negative trait...

Page 272 - INTEGRATION TEST Table - There's no difference between Severe Failure and Failure - shouldn't it be -20?

Layers don't work in PDF as they do in the Character Sheet.

Can people who bought this PDF count on getting one with the errata applied as soon as it's published?

And can I edit this comment for further mistakes found, or write a new one?

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Morphing Disorder should

Morphing Disorder should indeed say Bonus, not Cost.

p. 272 is not an errata -- there is a difference. Failure applies -10 to *physical actions* (only), Severe Failure applies -10 to *all* actions (physical and mental).

Future PDF updates will include errata, yes. The PDF already includes a few errata items that the hardcopy books don't have.

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New comments are preferred,

New comments are preferred, as they're easier to spot.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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I've noticed a couple items,
I've noticed a couple items, mostly grammatical or redundant errors. For example, Page 32 insert: "The following is a transcript of a RECOVERED audiofile RECOVERED after the catastrophic decompression event on Walther-Pembroke Station." Recovered file is recovered.

Also, there are no damage tables in the quick reference section at the back of the book. Why they aren't just integrated into the weapon range tables is another good question, but just the separate damage table would be nice.
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Page 129 - "A complete list of positive and negative qualities for - your cha_acter’s ego or morph. ■ p. 145" - where is the R?

You could surely use a better editor... ;)

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Book errata

Are You going to make some errata sheet to put inside each book? And when are You planning to reprint it?

As for now it seems to me that printing the PDF on my own is more profitable than getting a book from the States...

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If you have a chance, please
If you have a chance, please post anything else you spotted here so we can correct it next time around.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

RobBoyle RobBoyle's picture
We will keep an updated

We will keep an updated errata list on the Resources page, which we will regularly update. I'm actually working on that right now. The errata will also be fixed any time we reprint the hardcopy or update the PDF.

We don't have a reprint scheduled yet, since the first printing is still on its way from overseas, and won't hit stores for some time yet. When it sells out, we'll reprint. Hopefully that will be very soon :)

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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I actually haven't read

I actually haven't read Pushing Ice yet, but I do believe it was in another Reynolds book that I first saw the term "femtotechnology" and went, "Hrm, I have to look that up." The possibilities for femtotech are pretty amazing: http://nextbigfuture.com/2009/05/speculation-on-possible-path-to-passive.html

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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I actually thought there
I actually thought there might be inspiration for EP in Pushing Ice as well. Not in the femtotech, but rather in the ETI probe left in the solar system, and its hidden but potentially detectable artificial nature.
Lord Licorice Lord Licorice's picture
Page 93: "When the Fall came, every polity that couldn't hope for a shot at Mars or elsewhere set its sites on Luna." (Sights)
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Damage bonus inconsistency
On the character sheet, it says that DB is DUR / 10. The rulebook claims that it's SOM / 10. One of these probably needs to be changed.
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Opening Story Typos
A number of typos in the opening story (which is a little surprising, since it's the first thing people will read...good thing the tale is excellent, as it kept me from being too distracted):
  • p.8, first column, first line: it's/its confusion
  • p.8, first column, halfway down: proprieception -> proprioception
  • p.9, first column, two-thirds down: reult -> result
  • p.9, second column, second full paragraph: teraherz -> terahertz (this occurs once again later in the book, on p.311)
  • p.11, first column, first full paragraph: descendents -> descendants
  • p.11, first column, second full paragraph: wormholes -> wormhole
  • p.11, first column, third full paragraph: perservered -> persevered, reclamers -> reclaimers
  • p.13, first column, first full paragraph: unphased -> unfazed
I'm digging the heck out of the book, though! (And, yes, I'm a semipro copyeditor; why do you ask? :P)
Sunfall Sunfall's picture
...and another
Kept reading (hey, I'm liking it!), and saw this:
  • p. 23, second column, "Mercenaries" paragraph: seeth -> seethe
I'll stop for now before I anger the overcorrection gods.
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Just to be clear, we didn't advertise that the core book has layers, because we didn't intend for it to happen. It's not a feature that you get with every single one of our PDFs.

Eclipse Phase Administrator

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Combat rules
p. 192. Combat opposed test description does not include a description of what happens if both the attacker and the defender fail the test.

p. 193. "Attacker has reach advantage" is listed as a modifier for RANGED combat?!

p. 196. When a vehicle crashes, do the passengers benefit from its armor? "Collisions" and "Attacking vehicle passengers" seem to disagree on the matter.

p. 310. Does the synthomorph alternative armor stack with worn armor without penalty? The rules are unclear on the matter.
Cthulhu Cthulhu's picture
Spelling, Editors and 1st impressions.
Looking through most of the spotted mistakes noted here, it seems that the people who put EP together aren't really very good at their job. It's not a case of a huge book, with lots of text... ...It seems to be a case that they don't even know how to do basic spellchecking, with an automated spellchecker to spot 'proper' spelling mistakes [as opposed to correctly spelled words, which are wrong]. Their job is to get the words right, so there's no real excuse for such blatant errors. When read something put together by "professionals", I expect a certain level of ability... ...And I don't really see that here. If people can't spell, can't check their spelling and don't care enough to get the basics right... ...I can't really trust them to be able to do the rest of the things very well, either.

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Lost and their Psi Trait
In the background traits for the Lost, it lists that they have the Psi Trait, but does not list the level of it. I am assuming, since they have two Disorders, that they are Psi Trait(Level 2), but the rules really should say.
danvolodar danvolodar's picture
Combat rules, part 2
p. 193 Charging characters receive +20
p. 197. Charging does not incur any modifiers past the -10 for running.
So, does charging give a bonus to the attack roll, or to the damage inflicted only?

p. 200. Microgravity habitats gravity description seems strange at best. Gravity starts working once you get near the rotating wall? How in the six worlds is that working? What is the force that starts affecting the character out of thin air?

p. 204. Grapple rules - "To break free, a grappled character must take a Complex Action and succeed in either an Opposed Unarmed Combat Test or an Opposed SOM x 3 Test, though the subdued character suffers a –30 modifier on this test."
Does the modifier apply for both tests or the Opposed SOMx3 only?

p. 208. "If the cortical stack is not retrievable, the character still be re-instantiated from an archived backup".
Missed 'may' here?

p. 214. "Players that have become schizophrenic are only marginally functional and only for short periods of time until they have the disorder treated". While technically true, I don't believe this is what was meant to be said.
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Lost Psi Level.
I've noticed that the Lost receive Psi at an unspecified level and two Mental Disorders. The sample Lost character (the Ego Hunter) has a Psi level of 2 and only two mental disorders. Would it be correct, then, that a starting Lost character would start with a Psi level of 2 or should the ego hunter have a third mental disorder? (i know i've talked about this previously in the Lost thread under the core rules board when it was brought up, but i thought i'd bring it up here to clear this up) [edit] Sorry, just realised that this has been brought up here already, but an answer would be nice! [/edit]
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Go ahead, do better, and amaze everyone.



Lorem ipsum dolore sit amet, motherfucker.

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Sniff. Sniff. Pyew.
Sniff. Sniff. Pyew. Unnecessary snark against a gamer who posted a legitimate complaint. What's that, "Fnord"? Oh, must be one of jackson's toadies. Andy? Paulie?

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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A hissing sound
There's a scene in the introfic that has an uplifted octopus cutting through a doorway with a plasma torch, in zero g and vacuum, and it fills the air with a hissing sound. Uh, shouldn't there be no sound in vacuum?

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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Under melee weapons the SOM/10 is used. Guessing the Char sheet is wrong then?
"The difference between truth and fiction, people expect fiction to make sense."
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Its what the Proof-Readers

Its what the Proof-Readers are for, and from the looks of it I agree they could of done a slightly better job. If every writer was capable of perfectly writing bookloads of text without any mistakes then the Proof-Readers would be out of a job, which they are not. But decreeing that that both the quality of the writing, and the quality of the rule system is poor simply because of this isn't exactly productive.

And remember that what we currently have (400 or so pages) is almost certainly not the entire written product. It will of gone through countless edits, cuts and workarounds. If my experience is anything to go by I imagine that there is enough extra content that got cut to fill quite a few pages. Mistakes are bound to crop up.

Aleksander Aleksander's picture
Glad You spot it
I'm glad You spot it - I haven't ;)
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Venus Population Wrong
Page 89 lists "some 500,000" transhumans living in aerostats. This is obviously too low, since Page 90 lists 500,000 living on Octavia alone, and Aphrodite Prime is listed as being "one of 20 smaller aerostats."
danvolodar danvolodar's picture
The introfic
The rules also state that octomorphs can run on two limbs in microgravity.
Earth hardly qualifies as such, I believe.
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Um, if you're refering to my
Um, if you're refering to my post, the scene takes place WAY up in the last space elevator, so they could be in micrograv and in vacc, and still "attached" to earth via the elevator. I'm not sure if you're reffing my post about a plasma torch making a hissing sound in vacuum, if not disregard this.

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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Cranial capacity
Not to nitpick here, and I know this is a quibbling point, but the description for an octopus uplift says that the genetic upgrade gave it increased cranial capacity. Now, I know the author's intent was to basically say it increased the brain mass, but the way he said it was slightly inaccurate. "Cranial" is a reference to the cranium, the part of the skull that contains the brain. An octopus has no bones, no skull and no cranium, therefore it has no cranial capacity to increase. A more accurate way to describe the effects of the octoput uplift would have been to say it increased the mass and complexity of the cerebrum, or to just say in enlarged and enhanced the brain. Minor point, still every little correction helps.

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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Combat and Turns
Combat and turns need to be better described, because there has been a lot of discussion in my group as to how things actually work. The order of turns, the definitions of action turn, action phase, and turn; It all needs to be clarified or expanded upon in my opinion.

Hell, I actually ended up reverse engineering the system based on 20 bleeding damage per minute/1 bleeding damage per action turn, instead of figuring it out from the explanation.

One minute is said to be 20 action turns, and each action turn is further divided into 4 action phases, I think.

However, this means that each action turn is 3 seconds long, and each action phase is 750 milliseconds long. I have trouble believing that someone can perform a complex action, such as reloading or disabling a bomb; or three quick actions, such as talking(three times!), in 3/4ths of a second.

It makes a lot more sense if each action phase is 3 seconds long. This means each turn would be 12 seconds [4 action phases] and each minute would be 5 turns.
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Weapon Mounts
Weapon mounts need some rules clarifying how they are supposed to be used.

The rules only state that you can mount a weapon externally, internally, on an articulated mount, or a mount with a limited degree of movement.

But there is no important information regarding combat rules or the effect mounting a weapon has on the weapon stats. Does a mounted rifle [a two-handed weapon] penalize the character firing it with the one arm it's mounted in? What about mounting it in the chest, or the shoulder? How does a mounted weapon reload, is the magazine internal? Is it the same size as normal weapon magazines? Does the character have to spend as much time reloading a mounted gun as other characters do with unmounted weapons? Can a character punch someone and fire a mounted weapon at the same time?

There is also a lack of combat rules regarding multiple limbs. Can a character take 4 arms, and then use those 4 arms to carry out 4 unarmed attacks? Or is it just one unarmed attack? If it's only one unarmed attack then shouldn't additional arms do additional damage?

And what about tails? For example, if I want to re-create a Xenomorph from Aliens - which has a spikey tail. Obviously it's prehensile, but does it add additional unarmed attacks?
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Nuclear BATTERIES???
The notes for laser weapons say they're powered by nuclear batteries. I'm not sure what a nuclear battery is, as nuclear usually refers to something that generates power in some way, a'la a RTG system, which is maybe the only thing nuclear small enough to be considered a battery, but it generates power, it doesn't store it a'la a battery.

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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When they say Nuclear
When they say Nuclear Batteries I imagine they are referring to Atomic Batteries, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_battery
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A typo

Page 46:
"Less than a year from its first
operation, the hypercorp opened
the gate to “gatecrashers:” explorers
who risk their lives to see what
lies beyond."
Why :?

Sunfall Sunfall's picture
Another Erratum
On p. 75, in the "Inner System Politics" box, last line: should be "Planetary Consortium," not "Planetary Constellation."
Slith Slith's picture
That's what an RTG is. The
That's what an RTG is.

The only radioactive isotope I know of which could sufficiently power a hand-held RTG and laser is Polonium-210, but that is extremely toxic to humans.
CodeBreaker CodeBreaker's picture
Thankfully we have the power

Thankfully we have the power of Unobtanium and Plotanium for such things!

It that must no... It that must not be named's picture
Well, an RTG, radio-thermal
Well, an RTG, radio-thermal generator, does produce power, but it produces a little power for a long, long time, it would not be suitable for a high demand system like a laser. As is I may have to just say that lasers use superconductor matrix batteries, as those can be recharged like it says laser batteries can be. The "nuclear battery", or if it is a RTG system, would be good for low levels of power over indefinite time periods. BTW, as to "unobtanium" and "plotanium" remember that EP billed itself as a "hard SF" game, so those should be minimized or avoided as much as possible.

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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Alien tails would definitely
Alien tails would definitely count as a melee attack. As to doing the classic aliens, one thing I've never worked out was the acid blood splash...

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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I did a search for nuclear
I did a search for nuclear battery and after looking over the entries I'm certain that the authors were talking about RTG systems. I don't see them as good for personal laser weapons, really. Once the battery part that serves the laser is drained it takes the RTG system 1 hours to reload 20 shots, in battle you need to reload faster. I might have to go with superconductor batteries, with the option of having a field RTG unit recharge them in the field. With those you can reload once it's empty. Also having the whole RTG system adds weight and mass to the weapon. A supercon battery seems more logical.

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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Having Speed 4 is extraordinary, it's a domain of heavily cybered combat monsters who are also on drugs. Most morphs would have Speed of 1 to 3, thus removing the problem of "one complex action per 3/4 of a second".
There is nothing complex about an action turn being divided into action phases and noone of the people I know had any problems understanding it. Have you played SR? Same system here.
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And another...
p. 81, second column: "uplift animal" -> "uplift animals"
Sunfall Sunfall's picture
p. 86, first column, next-to-last paragraph: Ukko Jylinä is missing its accent.
Sunfall Sunfall's picture
The section on Ukko Jylinä itself has an instance missing an accent (how'd /that/ happen?). In addition:
  • p. 91, "Population" section, last paragraph: "there bodies" -> "their bodies"