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EP 2nd edition printing

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EP 2nd edition printing
Hi, I recently got interested in Eclipse phase, and having missed the second edition kickstarter by a long shot, am wondering when a print of it will be available for purchase. I see it available for "pre-order" on a couple websites but there is no date of release which seems odd. I may have missed discussion somewhere else but I have not found any hard declaration of an upcoming printing time. The kickstarter was a while ago and EP2 seemed successful, so I'm not sure why it's so hard to come by. If someone could help guide a lost newcomer it would be greatly appreciated.
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The Kickstarter just sent out
The Kickstarter just sent out the shipping confirmations for the physical rewards. I can’t give any kind of hard date on when a physical copy of the book will be available in stores or ordered online but I imagine it will be after the backers are confirmed to have their copies.
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Thanks for the info
Ok cool, the delivery dates on the kickstarter all say 2017 for some reason, so I was under the impression 2nd edition had been out and about for longer than it has.
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Nope they hit a snag when
Nope they hit a snag when hiring out they had the artwork I think it was. That set them back, and as they are a company they had other projects, So they had to rework the projects, took the time to get more play testing and I think it worked out for the best.