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Entrepreneur Trait, small mars corp

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Entrepreneur Trait, small mars corp
The trait( from eldrich.host) This character is the owner or co-owner of their own small hypercorp, microcorp, or business franchise-or an active participant in an autonomist cooperative, collective, or work syndicate. This entity has its own reputation score in an appropriate social network; at the beginning of game play, this rep score equals the trait level x 20. As an owner/member, the character can call upon this rep score for favors, information, and goods, just as they would their own rep score. At the gamemster's discretion, this venture can provide other benefits, such as enabling opportunities for smuggling, making official inquiries, or providing a cover for clandestine activities. Though a character can handle much of their management/participation in their businesses or cooperative work project via the mesh and forking, the gamemaster should ensure that the relationship is not strictly a one-way street and occasionally place obligations on the character to take care of business affairs. The gamemaster and player should work together to define the nature of the business/cooperative, such as what it focuses on, where it is based, and the other important participants. These ventures are more than just another resource for the character to call upon, as they can also be used to sew new plot seeds or create new roleplaying opportunities. The reputation score of this venture should fluctuate during game play, much like a player character's. This may be in part due to the character's actions, but could also result from economic or political factors outside the character's control. Positive ego trait (10 CP) Some background: My GM is pretty chill and if we can explain what we wanna do and it fits character she will let it fly with whatever tweaks / skill checks she wants for balance. Rez is generated about 2-3 each session. My character is a scum engineer type with good skills in most hardware and some supporting knowledge as well as the party hacker. The question: I plan to set up a small corp on mars ( contacts their from the campaign sofar) and earn some credits for my character as well as have facilities for RnD robots and sythmorph designs(motivation) when i have down time. It will be staffed with 2 beta forks at first and then i'll see if it warrants expansion in some way, possibly offering some indentured contracts to the clanking masses on luna ( interest/contacts) to help get them set up in the martian outback n sleeved in a custom synthmorph in exchange for X time working for me. im thinking roll 1d10 per rep level for the company each in game week and then thats howmany thousand credits earned. or maybe 1d100 p/rl and thats how many hundred credits earned? Rep can fluctuate based on rolling maybe d10? 1-5 being minus 1-5 rep and 6-10 being plus 1-5 rep but to make gains will be a full downtime task dedicated to building the corps rep presence. What would you do with the trait ? has anyone used this in game before and what were your experiences? What have you done for the mechanics of the trait ? earning rep n credits as well as losing them and overheads? Any advice and input would be appreciated :)
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I'm gonna be a bit of a rules
I'm gonna be a bit of a rules lawyer here, but here are my ideas how to keep it closer to RAW. The favors system allows you to acquire gear once every certain time period. Why not go for the highest favor you can get every month or so, and instead of getting a piece of High or Expensive gear get 5k or 20k credits? With MoS potentially making the pay out higher? I'd also allow Profession: Accounting to be a complementary skill. I would imagine that full on corp running would involve too much book-keeping and would basically make your character unplayable, so you gotta accept the fact that your corp is working in a comfortable pace and you can't really turn it into cred-generator like the Big Boys, unless you want to make this a main focus of the campaign. With forks you gotta also look at the trait called Established Fork - looks like you'll be needing that, I also might be wrong, but I think Mars has some strict policies regarding forks, make sure you read into that. Otherwise given Mars' role as a production and population hub, I would go the Barsoomian way and make an underground factory complex, staffed by infugees that assemble bootleg ectos, sneakers and grow orbital hash hydroponically. @-rep all the way, less trouble with copyrights and taxes.
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In my campaign after it was
In my campaign after it was established with a lot of cash and some roleplaying "Martian Motors" allowed PCs to work in their specialty using the normal rules for moneymaking with the exception that we could use one level higher in Credit and regardless of our reputation (using company rep).
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