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I came across this conceptual artwork/wedding: http://news.discovery.com/tech/let-quantum-physics-officiate-your-weddin... The couple are quantum entangled with each other. (It is not just scepticism that will break the entanglement: any interaction will do) In EP, qubit entanglement is something far more concrete but could still have a few interesting cultural traditions: When long-term stable qubit storage became available some years back, many people began including qubit containers in their wedding rings. These qubits are entangled with each other during the wedding ceremony, forming an invisible but very real bond between the rings. It was originally an expensive adornment, but soon became cheap enough to be popular - and then cheap enough to be out of fashion. The number of qubits are not very large: the main focus has been on making the quantum dots inside the rings very stable. However, a few clever people have added discreet nanointerfaces to their rings enabling limited QE communications (typically on the order of very short texts). Some religious or social communities are making use of quantum entanglement in ceremonies, formally entangling for example a person undergoing baptism with simultaneous baptism elsewhere. Of course, the quality of such entanglement is mostly symbolic.
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Re: Entanglement
That's kind of sweet in a goofy, geeky kind of way.