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EGO FRAME (possible spoilers for whovian transhumanists)

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EGO FRAME (possible spoilers for whovian transhumanists)
In between dead storage and simulspace, the Ego Frame! One or more ego, sleeved in special eidolon informorph, are instancied in a static simulation which is displayed to the outside world through an AR display. Its most known and infamous iteration is currently locked down by Firewall after it caused dozens people to go irreparably insane watching it. It is called: "Earth Fallen Forever" (-40 on WIL roll upon seeing it, 1D10 SV in case of success, 1D100+MOF SV in case of failure) We don't know who created it. Both 9Lives and ID Crew deny any knowledge or involvement. As a result, in the jurisdiction of Planetary Consortium and LLA, t is a crime passable of banishment and/or forced indenture for owning an ego frame , and erasure for creating one. Morningstar Constellation seems to look the other way, as long as they're not flaunted to the public. The Titanian Commonwealth hasn't made its mind about it yet.
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