Eclipse Phase update

We've received a few requests for updates, so here's an overview of what's going on with Eclipse Phase.

Proofreading for the core book is all finished, but we unfortunately missed our to-print date due to a host of issues arising with artwork. As it currently stands, we're still waiting on some art to be finished for the book, and we expect that to take at least a couple more weeks. There is also some graphic design work that still needs to be finished, but once the artwork is in that will get wrapped up and we'll get it off to the printer. Once I have more concrete news on that front, I'll post it here. We all want to get this book out as soon as we can.

This means that the EP Quick Start Rules are also still on hold, but we should have these out soon after the core Eclipse Phase book goes to print.

We do plan to make the PDF of the core book available for sale soon after it hits the printer.

Meanwhile, we've been busy working on the follow-up products. The first will be a thick-stock GM screen that will come with a booklet featuring a full adventure and an assortment of NPC stats and writeups. After that we have a book covering the inner system, from the Sun out to Mars, which is completely written and currently in editing. Next will be a book called Gatecrashing, which focuses on the wormhole Pandora Gates and numerous exoplanets. The first drafts for this book just came in.

We have more releases planned for 2009, but I'll save those for a later post.   

Alikar Alikar's picture
Glad to hear it.
I'm glad to see that this is coming along. Is there any sort of date you can give for when the book will be printed?
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Thanks for the update
Very good! And thanks for the only birthday gift i received this year.
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GM Scrreen
Is this going to be landscape or portrait? Landscape would be good if my opinion counts for anything...
RobBoyle RobBoyle's picture
As soon as it goes to print
As soon as it goes to print I'll be sure to announce it here :)
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Portrait :) Sorry! I know
Portrait :) Sorry! I know some people prefer landscape, but portrait is a bit more popular and useful for hiding things.
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these are good news
At the moment I fear that I have maybe even too big exspectations for this game. Will there be the option to get the .pdf together with the preorder of the book? I am totally excited about the thing but I don`t think I`d buy the book two times.
RobBoyle RobBoyle's picture
Yes there will be a bundle
Yes there will be a bundle deal where you can order the PDF and pre-order the book at the same time for a slight discount.